“This qualification is really important to Riddlesdown Collegiate because it is giving our students the experience of being able to research ideas, present them and gain confidence in doing so. It is developing learners who are far more mature, capable and ready to face all sorts of different challenges in the future. We impress upon our students the importance of aiming high. We hope that working on this project will give them the confidence to aspire to be the best they can in the future.”

Soumick Dey


“Part of our school motto is about leadership and this qualification really complements the work we do in terms of students driving their own learning and becoming more resilient. They’ve learned that they can develop their own ideas and having the freedom of choice over subject matter has really motivated them. We stress the importance of valuing others’ contributions and the qualification puts a strong emphasis on developing this important skill. We teach students to aim high and through our work on the new LAMDA Award we’ve seen some outstanding progress.”

Philippa Bigden

“The time we spent on the Speaking and Listening Skills qualification has enabled me to get to know my class far better. They are all expected to speak, so you get contributions from your quieter students who perhaps aren’t so confident in the beginning. And now I know they enjoy working independently, I will try to allow them more freedom to explore this in the future.”

Joanne Gibson


“It was great to write a speech on something I was passionate about.”


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