Financial help with audition fees

Find out if you can apply for an audition or interview fee waiver and travel expense reimbursement.

We want the people we train to reflect the society we live in. We seek those who have raw talent, passion and ability to learn, regardless of their background, education or family income.  

We have made changes to our application process to make it fairer and more affordable, and continue to offer free audition places for people whose financial circumstances may prevent them from applying to us. 

We have introduced a £12 administration fee for UK/EU first round auditions to drastically reduce the initial cost of auditioning with us. (First-round auditions for 2021 entry are via self-tape due to Covid-19). Candidates will only pay a recall fee if they are invited back for a recall audition. We believe this is a fairer system as only those who benefit the most from the process will pay the full fee. Depending on your circumstances you may qualify for a recall fee waiver. 

Receiving a free audition or interview will not affect the outcome of an application in any way; the panel will not know if an audition fee has been paid or not. 

If you are a member of our Pathways Programme, you’ll be entitled to a free first-round audition.  

Places are limited and candidates are selected by our Pathways partner organisations themselves.

The Pathways fee waivers are currently the only application fee waivers for first round auditions.

You will qualify to apply for a free recall audition and help with travel costs if: 

You have applied for your first-round audition as a ‘Pathways’ applicant. This will automatically entitle you to a free recall, as well as payment of your UK travel and accommodation costs if appropriate.  


You have met all applicable criteria sent to you with details of your recall audition. Eligible applicants must:  

  • Be attending a recall audition/interview for the BA, MFA, MA course
  • Be auditioning in the UK
  • Be current UK residents  
  • Be from a household whose annual income is less than £43,000  
  • Have attended a UK state school  

In addition, applicants should meet, at least one of the following criteria:  

  • Have a declared disability  
  • Be a care leaver  
  • Be an estranged student (ie not supported by a family)  
  • Be from a Black, Asian or minority ethnic background  
  • Be from a neighbourhood with low participation in Higher Education, as categorised by POLAR4 (you can find this out here, or we will check this ourselves) 
  • Be from a household with an annual income of under £25,000  

Help with travel and/or accommodation costs is currently only available for recalls for our BA course and will be for varying amounts, dependent on the distance travelled. You’ll be able to claim for travel and/or accommodation expenses within the UK and up to £200.

We will send you further guidance and an application form if you are invited back for a recall audition.  

If you are applying to us through one of our Pathways programme partner organisations such as Open Door, they will advise and help you through the process.