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Course length
Five days 

Is this course for me?

Having your own home studio is an invaluable asset – not just in times of Covid-19! This brand-new course, delivered by the industry-leading screen and audio department at LAMDA, helps to freshen up and develop voice acting and technical skillset. Suiting both professional actors and people new to the industry, the course will help students to set up their own home studio and ramp up their voice over work.

Key information

You should have a level of English that is approximately IELTS 6.0. Although English language tests aren't mandatory, we recommend that if you are a non-native English speaker without a Level 6 IELTS, then you must have the equivalent English language experience. This will be assessed via telephone interview by the admissions team.

You can apply for this course through LAMDA directly. There is no application deadline for this course, but we advise you to apply early, as places are limited.

12 April - 16 April 2021

19 April - 23 April 2021

Mon-Fri 10am-5:30pm

Teaching takes place at LAMDA in Barons Court, west London, although due to the current Covid 19 pandemic, some of the course may be altered to accommodate local restrictions, social distancing measures, or a transition to blended learning (a mix of online and onsite delivery) or entirely online learning. Any changes would be communicated to you in advance.

All about the course

There's no doubt the requirements are slightly different when acting into a mic and when acting on stage. Working in small groups, you’ll get bespoke feedback every step of the way. Students work on a range of scripts from audio book and narration to radio drama, commercials and video games. Learn how to build your own studio from home on a budget and use the recorded material for your next audition.

Whether you have worked in voice over before or are completely new to it – there's no doubt the requirements are slightly different than when acting on stage. This course really zooms in on the nuts and bolts of voice acting techniques. Working in small groups, you will get bespoke feedback every step of the way as you work on a range of scripts from Audio Book and Narration over to Radio Drama, Commercials and Video games. A really thrilling feature of this course is the interactive element of learning how to build your own studio from home, and on a budget – and will involve recording a piece of material in your newly created home studio that you can use as demo material for your next audition.

What will I be doing?

The fast-paced course will cover a lot of ground with each day different. You can expect to cover the following aspects:

  • Vocal technique
  • Text analysis and character building for audio
  • Introductions to narration, radio drama, commercial voice overs and video game work
  • An interactive tech guide to building your own home studio
  • Recording a piece of demo material from your own home

What will I need?

  • Smart Phone
  • Tripod
  • Headphones

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