King Boateng

What were you doing before you came to LAMDA?

I was training with the National Youth Theatre four days a week and working in my spare time. I knew the NYT was a preliminary step for me and the end goal was always to get into drama school. In my first year of applying to drama school I didn’t get in anywhere, but the next year I was offered places at four different schools and accepted LAMDA.

I wouldn’t have been able to take up my place if it wasn’t for the scholarship funding I got. Well, maybe I could have managed it but it would have been unbelievably stressful on my family and me and probably been a totally different experience.

Why did you decide to apply to LAMDA?

In my first year of applying to drama schools I didn’t know as much about the process, but in my second year I knew what I wanted. I had heard about the CDD (Conservatoire for Dance and Drama) and knew that the CDD drama schools, including LAMDA, were the best of the best. More than that though, I started looking into where the actors I liked and respected had trained and saw that so many of them had come through LAMDA.

I got through to final round auditions at seven drama schools in my second year of applying but at my final audition for LAMDA I knew it was the one I wanted. It just felt like the best place for me – it felt right.

How would you describe the training at LAMDA?

Intense! It’s demanding on every level. Physically, the movement training is really taxing; intellectually, you’re pushing yourself to explore and understand characters and then inhabit them; emotionally, it opens you up and makes you a lot more aware of your feelings, which in turn, makes your emotions more available for your work. You expect the physical work to be full-on but the emotional effect of the training surprised me. I’m also learning how to trust my gut and follow my instincts as an actor and that’s invaluable.

What’s the best thing about studying at LAMDA?

Knowing that I’m getting everything I signed up for: the best quality training, friends for life, a great launch pad into the industry… And it’s fun! It’s a pleasure to be a part of LAMDA’s story and history.

What excites you about LAMDA’s new training centre?

It’s amazing. Incredible! The most exciting thing is that we are all back in the one building – first years, second years, third years, directors, diploma students… you really get a feeling now of being part of a community and a family, part of something bigger. I’m one of the lucky A’s who has been chosen to take part in Fight Night this year and I cannot wait to get onto the stage of The Sainsbury Theatre and experience that!

Describe your time at LAMDA in three words.

Challenging (in a positive way!). Fun. Inspiring.

King graduates in 2019.