Samuel Stafford

What were you doing before you came to LAMDA?

After I had done my A-levels, I auditioned for drama school for a couple of years while doing a BTEC qualification (and working to fund myself). The BTEC was really a back-up; my goal was always to act. I had done drama as an extracurricular at school and always loved it.

Why did you decide to apply to LAMDA?

I did LAMDA Exams when I was younger so I knew about the Academy. In my third year of auditioning for drama school, I was told I hadn’t got a place on the BA Professional Acting at LAMDA but I was asked to audition for the Foundation Diploma, and was offered a spot on that course. Whilst I was sceptical at first (as were my parents) about the career prospects I’d have after only one year of training, I was completely blown away by the amount of time, effort and love LAMDA put into the course. I have diabetes so I also thought it would be a way to see if I could cope with the demands of full-time training. LAMDA do a great job of integrating the year groups. The F course was a great gateway into drama school, and after that one year I was lucky enough to be accepted on the BA at LAMDA!

How would you describe the training at LAMDA?

It’s phenomenal. So beneficial and so tough, emotionally, physically and mentally. It’s rewarding though; the blood, sweat and tears are all worth it. There are days when you just hit the wall with the training and you feel like you just aren’t getting it (for me, that happened when we were doing Jacobean scenes) but somehow you find a way through it and it’s so worth it when you do.

What’s the best thing about studying at LAMDA?

The family vibe; everyone is so warm. It doesn’t feel like an institution. We work hard but we are all in it together. Everyone is really understanding and supportive of each other.

What excites you the most about LAMDA's new training centre? 

Mentally, it helps to have facilities to match the hard work you’re putting into the training. And it’s just lovely that everything is in the one place, under one roof now.

Describe your time at LAMDA in three words.

Fulfilling. Exhausting. Great!

Sam graduates in 2019.