Jenny Wall

What were you doing before you came to LAMDA?

I worked for two years after I finished school and was involved in productions with my local theatre at the same time. At one stage I had five jobs on the go! In my third year of applying to drama school I got into LAMDA.

Why did you decide to apply to LAMDA?

I knew someone who had done the Foundation Diploma at LAMDA. He loved it and raved about it but I wanted to make up my own mind, so I applied to all the big drama schools in London as well as LAMDA. The thing that clinched it for me was the atmosphere in the different schools when I went for my auditions. For me, LAMDA was definitely the friendliest and most welcoming. I got a really positive feeling from it and wanted to come back. All the students I met there were the kind of people I wanted to work with and be friends with and that was what really made me see myself living a life in London studying at this school. It seemed like something possible - I didn't feel like I'd have to change myself in order to fit in here and be a part of LAMDA

How would you describe the training at LAMDA?

For most of the first term I couldn’t stop smiling. When I first started here I would compare the feeling of walking around the building as a student to walking around the building at my auditions. I still feel so incredibly lucky every day to be here doing this.

As for the training, you get opened up to so many things, and so many things open up inside you that you never knew were there. Things come out of you – emotions and feelings and reactions – that you would never have expected. Things you didn’t even know you had the potential for.

What’s the best thing about studying at LAMDA?

Finding a sense of belonging. And really feeling like the teachers care. From day one the staff and tutors at LAMDA make a big effort to know you; you’re not just another student. On my open day the Registrar knew me by name, and that was so lovely. At LAMDA, you really get the feeling the tutors love what they do. They want you to succeed and they enjoy guiding you through the training and the process. The pastoral care is brilliant as well. In my experience, staff members have gone above and beyond to make sure I’m ok and taken care of. It gives you faith in the training when the people around you invest so much of themselves into it.

What excites you about LAMDA's new training centre?

I live with third years and I see how challenging it has been for them having to train and rehearse and perform in different spaces and theatres around London. Having everything under one roof now is going to make a huge difference to that side of things. It’s going to be particularly incredible for the technical students. I think for all of us though it’s going to allow us to train and work in spaces and facilities as close as possible to the professional environment of a theatre, and that’s very exciting. The real work is going to start happening in the building.

Describe your time at LAMDA in three words.

Fun (more than I thought drama school would be).

Enlightening (it’s taught me things I didn’t know I didn’t know!).

Total (everything is covered – no stone is left unturned with the training).

Jenny graduates in 2018.