Corporate Sponsors

Corporate Sponsors

LAMDA has built important relationships with a range of businesses, providing exciting engagement opportunities for our corporate sponsors and vital financial and in-kind support for LAMDA’s work.

We would like to talk to you about how we can create bespoke partnerships with your company. Whether it’s through branding opportunities, client entertaining around LAMDA’s productions, supplying performers for your own events, providing staff volunteering opportunities or by helping you to achieve CSR and community objectives, there are many ways your company can get involved.

Using LAMDA’s extensive training experience, we also offer communication and leadership courses for businesses, which can be tailored to meet your specific needs. We have previously provided training for organisations as diverse as Inner Temple, Sotheby’s, Liverpool Victoria and Fishburn Hedges.

Find out more about some of LAMDA’s current corporate sponsors below or contact to find out how your company can get involved. 

Case Studies

Deutsche Bank

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The Deutsche Bank Award for Creative Enterprises has provided first-class business advice and financial support to arts students for over 20 years. LAMDA was invited to join this exciting scheme in 2006 and now offers the Deutsche Bank Award in Dramatic Arts each year.

Deutsche Bank’s support helps our young artists (actors, directors, stage managers and technicians) launch their professional career in the crucial first year after graduation. Final-year students apply with innovative projects that require seed funding. The winner benefits from a prize of £10,000, a professional business training course and the invaluable advice of a Deutsche Bank business mentor for the following year as they realise their project. 

Recent LAMDA winners of the Deutsche Bank Award in Dramatic Arts include Misunderstood ProductionsPatrick Gleeson and Nathan Crossan-Smith.

“The Deutsche Bank Award has allowed me to try something bold and unconventional, and something that would otherwise have remained a pipe dream. In an industry that's permanently cash-strapped and short on time, to be given the opportunity and freedom to try something that doesn't fit the mould, and right at the beginning of my career, is a fantastic luxury for which I will always be grateful.”
Patrick Gleeson 
Deutsche Bank Award in Dramatic Arts winner, 2011



Many actors, directors and technicians find their first professional jobs in film, television, radio or within the UK’s hugely successful online and gaming sectors. These roles require a specific set of skills and we have developed our training to better prepare our students for the demands of these industries. Since expanding our screen and audio work in 2011/12, we have already seen a return on investment – with over 50% of the students graduating from our BA (Hons) Professional Acting in 2012 securing a screen role in their first year as professional actors. 

We could not have achieved such results without the generous support of Panasonic, whose professional camera and sound equipment is used extensively in both our training and to produce LAMDA Films.

“Panasonic have helped make training LAMDA’s talented students in screen acting a seamless process. We use their equipment when shooting and reviewing the students’ work, for live monitoring performances in class and to screen their finished short films. This ensures that on graduating, our students have the skills and experience necessary to launch sustainable careers within the industry.”
AJ Quinn
Head of Screen & Audio Performance at LAMDA

Richard Martin Lighting

Richard Martin Lighting

LAMDA is delighted to have Richard Martin Lighting (RML) as our Principal Lighting Partner.

RML provide valuable hands-on training and in-kind support for LAMDA’s Foundation Degree Stage Management & Technical Theatre – supplying the latest in moving light technology for our public productions, additional equipment for our students to use in training and vocational placements within the company.

“RML understand that LAMDA students are the future of our industry and so it is imperative that they are given the tools to develop to the best of their abilities, and are shown the best and most recent in moving light technology. It is also a great privilege to be involved with such a prestigious institution.” 
Steve Wells 
Operations Manager, RML