International Private Centre

To enter students through a private centre, you will need to complete and return a registration form.

Setting up a private centre

If you wish to set up and run your own private centre, a Centre Coordinator must be nominated as the single point of accountability for the quality assurance and management of LAMDA examinations delivery at the centre. This Centre Coordinator is also responsible for all aspects of examination administration, including booking examination dates, collecting entries and fees, providing stewards and timetabling examination sessions, receiving timetables and examination reports, as well as distributing results and certificates.

Entering candidates for examinations

You must request an examination date with at least 16 weeks’ notice. Your request will need to be in writing and should contain the start date of the session and an estimate of its approximate duration.

Candidate entries must be submitted eight weeks before the first examining day in your exam session. You can enter your candidates using two methods: electronically using the Online Entry System (OES), or in hard copy format, using a Bulk Entry Form.

Entering using the Online Entry System

The OES allows you to enter your candidates electronically, providing several automatic features:

  • total examination fees are calculated automatically
  • total examining time is calculated automatically
  • you can quickly select candidates previously entered at your centre
  • once submitted, you will receive immediate acknowledgment that your entries have been received.

To enter using the OES, you will first need to register as a system user. Once registered, your booked dates will appear in the system and you can begin entering candidates onto the session.

Register as an OES user

Entering using the Bulk Entry Form

To enter using a Bulk Entry Form, you will need to enter all your candidates’ details onto the form and send it to LAMDA with the total examination fees for all your candidates. You will need to enter the candidates on the form in the order that you would like them to appear on the timetable. You will also need to indicate the examination start and finish times and refreshment and lunch breaks for the examiner. If you would like to type your candidates’ details onto the Bulk Entry Form, a spreadsheet version of the form is available to download using the link at the foot of this page.

Entering for the LAMDA Certificate in Speech and Drama: Performance Studies (PCertLAM)

Unit entries for QCF Syllabus Effective from 1 January 2011 expires 31 December 2015: Unit entries can only be accepted for learners who have completed prior QCF Syllabus Effective from 1 January 2011 syllabus registration requirements with LAMDA. All unit and qualification certification must be achieved by 31 December 2016.

Unit entries for the Syllabus Effective from 1 January 2016: Unit entries do not require prior separate syllabus registration with LAMDA before the entering of units.

To enter a learner for a unit examination complete a Certificate in Speech and Drama Performance Studies (PCertLAM) Unit Entry Form.

For Unit 1:

Written assignment (Portfolio of Evidence) with a completed entry form with the full entry fee payment can be submitted to LAMDA at anytime, there is no requirement to book an examination date for a unit 1 entry.

For Unit 2 and Unit 3:

Entries in the United Kingdom at UK Public and Private Centres completed entry forms together with the full entry fee payment must be received by LAMDA six weeks in advance of the first date of the Centre’s examination session.

Entries outside the United Kingdom at International Public and Private Centres completed entry forms together with the full entry fee payment must be received by LAMDA 10 weeks in advance of the first date of the Centre’s examination session.

Entry forms submitted that are incomplete, late, not current or received with incorrect payment will be returned.

Some countries and regions have LAMDA examinations representatives. If your country has a representative, you should liaise with him/her regarding your examination session and direct any queries to him/her.

If your country or region has an examinations representative and you are not able to meet the minimum entry fee requirement, contact your representative. S/he will look to coordinate the timings of several private centres in one session, to ensure that the minimum entry fee requirement is met.

Contact LAMDA Examinations for your representative’s contact details.

If your country does not have a LAMDA examinations representative, you will not be able to hold a private centre session unless you meet the minimum entry fee requirement.

Contact LAMDA Examinations for your country or region’s minimum entry fee requirement and fee sheet.

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