How to teach LAMDA Examinations

Although you do not require any specific training or Qualifications to teach Learners and prepare them for LAMDA Examinations, Teachers are strongly advised to obtain copies of our current syllabi and become very familiar with the requirements, and Examination regulation. It is also advised to read through our free Teacher Support Material available on the website.

All the subject requirements for LAMDA Examinations are detailed in the individual syllabuses which you can download or purchase online, but we leave the specific teaching approach and timeline up to you and your learners. However, we must emphasise that familiarity with the syllabus is a pre-requisite to successful preparation for examination. Learners can be invalidated, for example, if they present the wrong pieces for the Level they are studying; or fail if they do not meet all of the assessment criteria for the qualification they are studying.

We also have a Directory of Teachers which represents a list of those wishing to advertise the fact that they are preparing learners for LAMDA examinations. You can purchase a Directory of LAMDA Teachers membership by visiting our online store.

PLEASE NOTE: Teachers on the Directory are not employed by LAMDA and are therefore not endorsed by LAMDA in any way.