Unit 2 Sample Material

Unit 2 Sample Material

Unit 2 of the LAMDA Level 2 Award in Speaking and Listening Skills is designed to enable Learners to develop a range of communication skills in a group format. Learners will be able to demonstrate an understanding of the knowledge and skills required for effective group discussion and will engage with the content of a discussion in a group format. They will engage their knowledge and skills to demonstrate an understanding of the material and the skills required to develop a group discussion.

The Unit 2 Internal Assessment is worth 25% of the total marks for this Unit.

The Learner will watch a DVD of a group discussion and complete a written assessment. The Learner will be required to identify the following in the written assessment:

  • specific examples of verbal behaviours which impeded the discussion
  • specific examples of non-verbal behaviours which impeded the discussion
  • suggestions of appropriate verbal and non-verbal behaviours that could have been used by the individuals within the group to move the discussion forward. For example, Learners might suggest that a member of the group seeks clarification, summarises, acknowledges and build on the views of others, takes turns in speaking, listens actively and responds appropriately, maintains focus on the task, or manages the group dynamic. Verbal behaviours are phrases/sentence starters that a member of a group could use to move a discussion forward.

The following sample materials are designed to assist in preparation for the Unit 2 Internal Assessment:

For Learners: 

  • a script of the discussion
  • a question and answer paper

For teachers:

  • instructions to invigilators
  • mark scheme