Why Do It?

Why Do It?

With generous support from Paul Hamlyn Foundation, we piloted the LAMDA Level 2 Award in Speaking and Listening Skills with 10 schools across England in autumn 2015. Here’s what they had to say about the value it added to both the school and their students…

“My students’ confidence has improved significantly through engaging with this qualification. They did the practical exam today and they came out with massive grins on their faces and had a real sense of achievement. As a teacher you want to see them growing as students and today they were growing in front of my eyes. It’s why you go in for the job: to see young people develop into great human beings.”

Penny Umkalns
Teacher, St Thomas Aquinas Catholic School, Birmingham

“This qualification benefited our pupils because it forced them to think on their feet, as well as prepare, plan, be flexible, responsive, resilient and reflect on their work.”

Sue Roberts
Head, Prendergast School, Lewisham

“Students being able to articulate their thoughts in an academic, formal way completely connects with their ability to write about the subject and pass examinations. So, through their LAMDA work, their performance in all subjects will be lifted.”

David Benson
Principal, Kensington Aldridge Academy, North Kensington