Why Offer It?

Research warns of a significant skills gap amongst current school leavers, with communication skills flagged as a major concern. The Confederation of British Industry’s (CBI) Changing the Pace: Education and Skills Survey 2013 and First Steps campaign reported that in terms of preparedness for the workplace, “close to a third of firms are not satisfied with the team working (30%), basic numeracy (31%) and literacy/use of English skills (32%) of young people entering the world of work.”

The LAMDA Level 2 Award in Speaking and Listening Skills supports the development of confident and articulate young people, equipped to thrive both both in and beyond the classroom.


Whilst the work may be ideally suited to Key Stage 3 English, learners develop transferable skills vital to their ongoing academic progress in many other subjects. As they prepare speeches, they learn to research, shape material and create persuasive arguments. Additionally, their participation in group discussions helps to improve their articulacy, refine their listening skills and enhance their ability to weigh the arguments and opinions of others. 


The ability to offer this award within the school timetable ensures that all pupils, regardless of background, have the opportunity to develop core communication skills.  


The qualification also supports personal growth. It encourages participation, offering learners an invaluable opportunity to build confidence, assertiveness and sociability. It also stimulates learners to develop enquiring minds, increasing their contribution to school, the workplace and society. 


Confident communicators have a head start in fulfilling their academic potential, gaining employment and playing an active part in their community. This qualification gives all learners the chance to develop this advantage, whatever their ambitions. 

“We want our students to become articulate young adults and we recognise that they can’t do it alone: they need to be taught how.”

Jemima Reilly
Head, Morpeth School, Bethnal Green