International Students at LAMDA

Every summer we welcome students from around the world to LAMDA for our Short Courses. Read what 2016 Intro to Drama School student Evelyne, and her mum Cindy, had to say about her summer at LAMDA.

Evelyne (Intro to Drama School Student)

What are you studying now?

I am currently an International Baccalaureate student in Beijing, with my Higher Levels as Biology, Chemistry and Theatre. 

What was it that made you decide to spend a summer with LAMDA?

The main reason I wanted to come on a LAMDA summer course was get a taste of theatre outside of a school curriculum. I wanted to experience the rigour of an acting school to confirm if I wanted to pursue acting training after university. 

What was your favourite part of the course? 

There was so much! I loved working under a theatre director to produce Love and Information by Caryl Churchill and see from his professional experience how it could be interpreted further. I also loved that nearly half of my peers were international students such as myself. Many of the classes I took gave me insights I had never considered, such as the verbal cues for actions in Shakespeare (Shakespeare class) or how much strength and physical training is required (Movement class).

What was the most useful skill/lesson that you learned at LAMDA?

The most important lesson I learned was that the theatre world is a profession that has high risk and requires the highest commitment. Because my mother was a professional orchestra musician, I was already aware of how challenging the music profession can be, but my time at LAMDA gave me a sense of how choosing a career in the performing arts would affect both me and those around me. 

Has the training you did at LAMDA had an impact on your other studies or on other parts of your life?

I’m trying to apply some of the things I learned at LAMDA to my own performance in school productions, though I must say I feel that I’ve outgrown my current theatre curriculum. Attending LAMDA has also helped me cement my plans for the future.  

Would you recommend LAMDA short courses to your friends/classmates?

Without a doubt. 

Describe your time at LAMDA in three words

I fitted in. 

Cindy (Evelyne’s mum)

What was it that made a summer short course at LAMDA seem like the best choice for Evelyne?

We were not sure that is was until Evelyne started here! When she came back after the first day we knew we had made the right choice. I know the reputation of LAMDA of course, and we thought that it was worth a try as she loves theatre so much. We chose the Introduction to Drama course as it seemed to ‘fit’ her. 

Did the time spent training at LAMDA have a positive impact? If so, how?

Evelyne fitted in from the first day. Although there was a good mix of students there, it was wonderful to find that many were 17 years old, just like her, and also that many came from international schools all over the world. As Evelyne has lived as an expat all her life she was totally ‘at home’ with others being from Tanzania, Germany, China, etc. and she didn’t feel different.

How did you find your interactions with the LAMDA Admissions Team and LAMDA staff?

I found the Admissions Team very helpful and they responded to my questions very quickly. They must get lots of questions and I really appreciated the time they took to reply to me.

Evelyne particularly enjoyed working with some of the teachers. They gave a very realistic view of what a career in the theatre is like (challenging, wonderful, really hard work) as well as a good idea of how competitive it is and how to deal with this. She found them inspiring and she really liked the realistic view.

Did you have any concerns before the course started?

I had no concerns about LAMDA except to hope we had chosen the right course for Evelyne – and we had! Any other concerns I had were about how Evelyne herself would cope with commuting into London, travelling across the city and generally learning about independence. I was quite wrong to have concerns, she loved it!

Would you recommend LAMDA short courses to other parents? 

Absolutely! If a student is seriously considering any kind of career in theatre this is a great introduction.

Published on 20 February 2017

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