Keaton Brower

What were you doing/studying before you came to LAMDA for a semester?

I was a junior BFA Theatre Arts student in the conservatory program at Boston University also pursuing a minor in Arts Leadership.

Why did you decide to apply to train at LAMDA?

I think there is great value in the classical techniques that LAMDA teaches its actors and wanted to integrate such tools into my work.

How would you describe the training at LAMDA?

The training at LAMDA is rigorous, holistic, practical, and fun all at the same time. Because it demands such great focus and dedication from actors, it also offers immense rewards in all aspects of the training. Critically, LAMDA classes present actors a wide variety of techniques while also clarifying their immediate use in the rehearsal studio. Throughout the training a communal and curious spirit is maintained, encouraging growth on both the individual and collective levels.

What’s the best thing about training at LAMDA?

I think the best thing about training at LAMDA is the positive environment cultivated by the students, administration, and faculty. While the school recognizes that criticism is essential to creative work, it was never in doubt for me that everyone wanted each other to succeed and grow. The sense of support I felt from my teachers, classmates, and the school’s administration made me both a better artist and person. It allowed me to do my best work and also gave me the opportunity to support the rest of the community in return. Through this aspect of the training I learned the true meaning of listening and earnest collaboration, two of the most essential skills any theatre artist can have.

Describe your time at LAMDA in three words.

Challenging Transformative. Beneficial