LAMDA supports new anti-harassment guidelines published by BFI and BAFTA

A new set of guidelines has been announced this week to tackle bullying and harassment in the screen industry, developed by BAFTA and BFI, in partnership with a number of other organisations.

Supported by the likes of Emma Watson and Margot Robbie, the first set of principles in this anti-harassment campaign covers ‘a shared responsibility to respect others, adopt a zero tolerance approach to bullying and harassment, adhere to the laws around equality and health and safety, protect victims and witnesses, respect confidentiality, ensure that rigorous processes are in place for reporting and underline the value of inclusivity.’ Find out more about these principles and hear what Emma Watson has to say.

Joanna Read, LAMDA Principal, said:

I am pleased to see BFI / BAFTA addressing the need for clear guidance and direction on the insidious issue of harassment and bullying within the screen industry. At LAMDA, we believe in empowering students and colleagues to be confident and speak out, and have a number of robust measures in place to prevent unacceptable or inappropriate conduct including sexual harassment in school and to support our students as they transition into their chosen profession. We welcome all initiatives to build a sustainable and secure working environment and a positive culture of dignity and respect."

Published 22 February 2018.