Covid-19: information & FAQs

Information and FAQS for the LAMDA community about Covid-19

09 March 2021

The health, safety and welfare of everyone in the LAMDA community is naturally our main priority. In line with government guidance we have taken the difficult decision to change the delivery of teaching and LAMDA exams. We apologise for any inconvenience caused and will share full details about how we will continue to run our courses again soon.  

For students and teaching staff 

At LAMDA, we believe in the transformative power of the dramatic arts and the value to society of creativity, innovation, and authentic, confident communication. The challenges presented to our creative industries by COVID-19 mean that our staff, students, and professional partners are invited to lead the way in finding new and innovative ways to train for, and sustain, our professions.  

In 2020/21 LAMDA will welcome you to work with us as we explore exciting blended methods of delivery to ensure our courses continue to offer exceptional training to creative artists and technicians.  

Find out more about how we will be delivering training in the next academic year here.  

You can also find more information in our FAQs for prospective students below. 

LAMDA Examinations

With restrictions now being lessened and schools reopening their doors, we will be restarting in-person exams under strict Covid safety rules. Exams within private centres will be able to run in March, and we plan to reopen our public centres in April.


What is LAMDA doing to minimise the risk of infection? 

We are following all Public Health England and Office for Students advice and guidance and are continuing to communicate regularly with our students and staff. A team of key staff (Critical Incident Management Team) drawn from across LAMDA meet regularly to share information, review the rapidly changing situation and put in place contingency plans as the situation changes. 

We have introduced a number of measures to help keep everyone safe and well while in the building.

  • Observe Social Distancing 
  • Wear a face covering, at all times when in the building, unless asked to remove it by a member of staff.
  • When using anything that isn't yours, wash your hands before and after.  
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth with unwashed hands 
  • Always use the nearest facilities.  

If you feel unwell  

  • Leave the building immediately.   
  • Follow government guidance on self-isolation and track-and-trace.  
  • If you are too unwell to travel, go to a meeting room on Level 1 in the West Wing. Inform Facilities by calling 020 8834 0560. 

For information about LAMDA Examinations, please see our LAMDA Exams: information and guidance section below.

Where can I receive the most up-to-date public health information and guidance?  

  • NHS Direct can be reached via phoning 111.  

  • Public Health England is publishing daily updates on its website.  

  • The Department for Education has set up a dedicated Covid-19 (Coronavirus) helpline for any queries related to schools and other educational establishments in England. It is open Monday - Friday between 9am and 5pm: 0800 046 8687. 

  • UK Government Information. Find out the number of cases and risk level in the UK, what to do if you’re a returning traveller, and what the government is doing about the virus.

  • The latest travel advice is available from the Foreign & Commonwealth Office and guidance is regularly updated as situations develop. This list of countries and areas is constantly evolving so please refer to the Foreign & Commonwealth Office website for the most up-to-date list.  

Are LAMDA exams still going ahead? 

We are planning to restart exams taking place within private centres in March as long as venues are able to follow our strict Covid safety rules.

If government guidance remains the same, our public centres should be able to reopen in April.

We still encourage customers to make use of online assessments for their learners where possible. You can find more about that here.

Is it possible to take an exam online?

Yes, we are now offering online assessments for many of our solo, duo and combined exams. You can read more about them here

Can I get a refund for my exam fees?

Yes, we will issue a Transfer Credit Voucher for the full value of the exam fee. This voucher can be used towards booking a new exam.

Will I get my results on time?

Our exams team is working very hard to get results out as quickly as possible. Results summaries and Learner Examination Reports are being emailed to customers, but  certificates and medals may take a little longer.  

When will I receive my certificate? 

Our office is currently closed and so unable to send out certificates.

If you are a Level 3 learner needing results for university or college entry, we are still sending regular updates to UCAS, and so you shouldn’t need to show them a physical certificate. 

Can I still order a syllabi?

Yes, we are still taking orders via our online shop. Royal Mail are still delivering as normal so most orders are received within the week. 

How will you ensure the safety of those attending LAMDA exams in person? 

We are putting in place a number of measures to allow for social distancing within the exam venue.  

These include letting learners bring only one person to accompany them inside the building and not allowing early registration. Learners will now not be admitted into the venue more than 20 minutes before their exam time. We are also asking everyone to wash their hands as soon as they arrive. Everyone attending an in-person exam session will be required to wear a face covering unless you are exempt. However, you shouldn’t wear a face covering in the exam room to ensure a fair assessment. Stewards will be on hand throughout the event to offer guidance, and will stay two metres apart from visitors as they guide them around the building. If you have symptoms of Covid-19, please do not attend your exam.

We are also advising our examiners get tested 72 hours before attending exam events. And we encourage private centres to match out efforts and recommend that their staff members also get tested before the exam date.

Do I need to wear a mask in my exam?

Following government guidance for the public to wear face coverings when entering shops, LAMDA require all those attending examination sessions to wear face coverings. Face coverings can be masks or any materials which cover both the nose and mouth. If you arrive without face coverings, LAMDA will provide masks where available. Learners cannot wear face coverings in the examination room as it impacts their ability to be fairly assessed. Face coverings should not be used by children under the age of three, are not required for children under 11, those with breathing difficulties or those who may find it difficult to manage them correctly. Government guidance can be found here.

Are Musical Theatre exams available? 

Private centres are also now able to register for Musical Exams as long as they are able to provide a venue which meets (or exceeds) the following: 

  • Exams must take place in a room which is at least 5m x 5m and has good ventilation. This can either be natural ventilation (such as open windows) or mechanical ventilation (with air handling units that are set to fresh air) 

  • Private centres will also need to ensure that singers are positioned at least 3 metres away from everyone else in the room (the examiner, other learners, accompanists and technicians) and in the case of duos, the learners must not face each other as they are singing. Social distancing is not required between learners that are from the same household or bubble

  • Examiners will wear face visors during the exam. Any accompanists or technicians present in the exam room must also wear them 

These rules are based on current government guidance. If further guidelines are released, we may need to issue new instructions, or cancel exams. 

Musical Theatre exams are also available over online assessment.  

Are Group exams available? 

We are now able to accept registrations for Group exams for groups with seven or fewer learners. If your wish for a larger group of learners to be examined, please get in touch with our exams team on [email protected] 

Private centre customers wishing to book Group exams must ensure that: 

  • Everyone in the exam room maintains at least a 2 metre distance (or 3 metres for Group Musical Theatre exams) from everyone else in the room (this includes learners, the examiner and any technicians or accompanists present). Social distancing is not required between learners that are from the same household or bubble 

  • The exam room is large enough to allow this distancing to take place comfortably 

  • Learners must not face each other while performing. They must either face in the same direction, or away from one another 

  • The room is well ventilated, either naturally (such as by opening a window) or mechanically (with an air handling unit set to fresh air) 

  • The examiner and any accompanist or technicians in the room must wear a face visor. Learners should not wear visors or face coverings during their exam 

Due to technical challenges, we are also not able to offer Group exams online. Our exams team is working hard on a solution and will issue specific guidance to teachers and learners if online assessments are made available for Groups exams. 

Got a question for LAMDA Exams?

Please email our examinations team if you have any queries on [email protected] and they will be happy to assist. 

Current students can find information about LAMDA's COVID-19 policies on the intranet, LAMDA World.

How will we deliver safe and inclusive training in 2021/2022? 

Our first priority will be to ensure that we offer training safely, and we will adhere to guidance about health and safety measures, social distancing, and provide wellbeing support so that staff and students can engage fully in the creative process via blended learning delivery. 

To enable staff to maximise the capacity of Talgarth Road students should expect that in 2021/22 tutorials, seminars and academic sessions may be offered online so that core practical rehearsals, workshop/technical activity, and performances can primarily be managed onsite.   

We will still provide excellent opportunities for industry related activities; in 2021/22 where, when, and how we provide things such as industry showcases, performances, and trips will be operating very differently to ensure your safety. We will primarily offer innovative blended learning/online opportunities to help students prepare for entry to the industry. 

In 2021/22 there will also be updates to some of the course content at all levels of study. Content offered will remain robust, industry relevant and meet all required learning outcomes. However, students will be offered different specialist topics of study in 2021/22 to enable LAMDA to manage delivery safely.  

We ask that students should be prepared to be assessed on work delivered live, digitally or in a blended format so that your training ensures you are ready to enter an adapting and flexible new industry environment. LAMDA follow revised audience capacity guidelines for 2021/22. 

Where can I find out more information about what I will Study in 2021/22? 

You can find further course specific information and module breakdowns on individual course pages here.   

I'm applying to LAMDA for full-time study – what should I do?  

If you have applied or are intending to apply to LAMDA to study from September 2021 continue to do so. LAMDA remains open and all applications for entry 2021 are being processed as normal, although there may be a delay in how quickly applications can be processed. You can find information about applications on individual course pages

Notification of absence / sickness

  • Let HR and your line manager know if you are unable to work due to illness.
  • Keep HR informed if you are self-isolating due to you or a family member / companion having suspected Covid-19, and the result of any diagnosis / test. 
  • Let your line manager or HR know if you live in a high risk group, live with others at high risk, or have dependents who rely on you to be at home for particular hours. 

LAMDA Travel 

LAMDA has cancelled or postponed all non-essential non-UK travel to minimise risk.  Staff should check with their line manager if in any doubt. 

What is the advice on personal international travel? 

LAMDA requires all staff and students to inform human resources department or LAMDA's Registrar of their private international travel plans. 

We strongly recommend that you follow the advice and guidance found on the Foreign and Commonwealth Office website at all times.  This includes advice on whether it is safe to travel to a particular country, advice on health and security, including advice on coronavirus, and advice on what to do when returning from a trip e.g. whether it is necessary to self-isolate for example. 

If you decide to travel against Foreign and Commonwealth Office advice you should note that there may be restrictions imposed that may impact your return to the UK and include a requirement to self-isolate on your return to the UK. 

LAMDA contact details 

If you have any questions, concerns or updates, do not hesitate to contact us: 

Call +44 (0) 20 8834 0500 or email: 

Auditions / interviews / drama school courses 
[email protected] 

LAMDA Exams 
[email protected] 

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