Audition Fee Waivers

*If you would like to apply for a fee waiver for the BA Hons Acting 2019 entry please make sure you get your completed forms sent to [email protected] by the 21st of February. We will not be able to process your application after this date.*

LAMDA is a leader in its field.

The young people we train will shape the future of the dramatic arts, becoming the leading artists of their generation. We believe we have a duty to ensure that the students we train reflect the society we live in and are recruited on the basis of talent, passion and ability to learn, regardless of background, educational qualifications or economic circumstances. The industry will be as successful, diverse and representative of our society as the actors, directors and technicians that we train. We strive to ensure there is the maximum possible access to LAMDA training for those who will benefit most.

Application Fee Waivers

LAMDA’s Audition and Interview fee waiver scheme is designed to make sure that income is not a barrier to training. To be eligible for one of our waivers you must meet all of the following criteria:/

  • You are new to Higher Education (i.e. you have no previous FdA or BA qualifications).
  • You are applying to one of our BA or FdA courses.
  • You are a UK student.
  • You attended a UK state school.
  • You have a family (pre-tax) income under £25,000.

Or you'd be considered a Care Leaver when you begin your course with us.

If you believe you are eligible for a fee waiver please contact [email protected] before you begin your online application. You will need to provide evidence that confirms you meet the criteria listed above.

Audition Travel Bursaries

  • Only for final recall auditions in London for the BA (Hons) Professional Acting
  • Students from UK/EU

You will be eligible if you attended a state school and one of the following criteria applies to you;

  • You would be considered a Care Leaver at the beginning of your training.
  • You do not live in London
  • You have a family (pre-tax) income under £25,000.
  • Your home address is considered to have a low participation rate (as defined by the Office for Students, please click here to check) and you have a family income below £43,000.

Information on how to apply for a Travel Bursary will be sent out with your final recall information

Travel bursaries will be for varying amounts, dependent on the distance travelled. Bursaries can only be applied to travel within the UK.