Claim Your Recall Audition Travel Bursary

Am I eligible?

  • I am attending a recall in London for the BA (Hons) Professional Acting course.
  • I am a student from UK/EU, I attended a State school, I do not live in London and one of the following criteria applies to me:
  • You would be considered a Care Leaver at the beginning of your training.
  • You have a family (pre-tax) income under £25,000. If you received an application fee waiver (same year entry) for your first round audition you will automatically be eligible.
  • Your home address is considered to have a low participation rate (as defined by the Office for Students, please click here to check) and you have a family income below £43,000.

Travel bursaries will be for varying amounts, dependent on the distance travelled. Bursaries can only be applied to travel within the UK. Flights and trains into the UK will not be considered.

How much can I claim?

This is dependent on your personal circumstances.

Please note the amounts in the table below relate to the maximum you can claim

 Travelling Distance 50-100 miles.Travelling Distance 101-200 miles.

Travelling Distance 201 miles +

Family income below £25,000Up to £40Up to £60Up to £80

Family Income between £25,001 - £43,000

Up to £20Up to £40Up to £60

If your family income is below £25,000 and you are travelling over 200 miles for your audition you will also be eligible to claim up to £50 to go towards accommodation costs.

What Information do I need to provide?

You will need to fill out this form:

You will also need to provice receipts and booking confirmations for travel and accommodation booked, as well as proof of family income unless previously provided for your audition fee waiver.

How to claim

After your recall, fill out our Travel bursary claim form, email it to [email protected], and attach email confirmations and receipts for your travel/accommodation. Please do not send any receipts in the post.

Terms & Conditions

  • We will base accommodation bursaries based on distance travelled from the address provided on your LAMDA application.
  • Travel and accommodation bursaries will only be applied to travel related to your audition.
  • No travel bursaries will be given for travel of less than 50 miles.
  • The amounts listed are for the maximum amount that can be claimed, we will reimburse the actual cost if less than the amounts listed.
  • Claims must be received within 14 days of your recall audition.
  • Bursaries will not be applied if the applicant does not attend their given date.
  • We will only accept one application per person, per academic year