Why Choose LAMDA?

Pioneering Spirit

At LAMDA, our mission is to seek out and train the exceptional dramatic artists and technicians of every generation, so they can have the most extraordinary impact on the world through their work in theatre, film and television. Founded in 1861, we are the oldest drama school in the UK and the first such institution to offer acting tuition – defining LAMDA’s role as a pioneer in its field. When we introduced our technical training in 1965, it quickly became a prototype for other institutions branching into this area. That pioneering spirit remains at the heart of our work: we offer an inventive, diverse and inclusive environment for artistic development; we contribute to the progression of the dramatic art form through the new writing projects we commission each year and the companies that emerge from our training; and our students and tutors are encouraged and supported to produce innovative work in their craft.

Our Training

Conservatoire training is, by its nature, selective as we train only the best – limiting our course numbers and teaching in small groups. The training is vocational because drama is a vocation and we are training students for a profession. The training is practical because drama is about doing and being. There is no such thing as a LAMDA product. We develop each student’s individual strengths, talent and potential.

Experienced Tutors

Our training is delivered by a faculty of experienced practitioners and a large number of visiting specialists and professionals. Together they enable our students to acquire the skills and develop the creativity necessary to excel in highly competitive professions. 

The Ensemble

The ensemble is at the heart of our work; drama is a collaborative art form and we place great emphasis on the individual’s responsibility to the group and the group’s responsibility to the individual. We are proud to cultivate an environment where creativity can flourish. Risk-taking, barrier-breaking and exploration can only occur because attitudes of mutual respect, support and celebration are firmly embedded within LAMDA. Our students work together to bring out the best in each other, hone their individual craft and produce exceptional dramatic art.

Our Facilities

In 2017 we opened the doors to our centre for world-leading drama training, offering our actors, technicians and directors exceptional new training and rehearsal facilities, a screen and audio suite, a dedicated library and three versatile performance venues. 

Industry-Ready Graduates

With their exceptional talent and mastery of their craft, our graduates shape the global performing arts industry. Our students leave LAMDA equipped with the technique, skill and professional knowledge they need to enjoy a successful and sustainable career in the industry. 

Financial Support

We believe funding should not be a barrier to training and there is a wide range of financial support available to students who want to train with us. 

The LAMDA Community

At LAMDA, you’ll be part of a passionate community of students, staff and tutors, both during your training and beyond it. Regular social events, cross-course collaborations, student-led performances and other activities mean LAMDA students have plenty of opportunities to get to know each other.

A Liberal Institution

LAMDA is a liberal institution. We believe in free speech and promote a sense of responsibility for one’s actions in our students. In pursuit of excellence, we work with plays and texts that express the widest possible range of views and beliefs. Our students must therefore be willing to work on productions of any of these texts, or play any character these texts may contain, including roles of any gender, race, faith or sexual orientation. Acceptance of a place at LAMDA will be deemed acceptance of our training requirements.