LAMDA International Teacher’s
Certificate in Communication (LTCC)
[Non-Regulated Examination]

The LTCC is designed to help non-UK teachers develop the skills to teach communication and speech, primarily in the context of LAMDA’s Level 1 Communication examinations. The syllabus reflects the complex role of the communications teacher, combining research, analysis and reflection with practical exercises and tasks.

The LTCC comprises attendance on an approved teaching course for a minimum of 25 hours and is assessed through internal and external observation. The LTCC is a multi-unit qualification and all units are compulsory.

Subject Knowledge

Internal Assessment Task – give an a oral presentation that includes:

  • a memorised performance of one of the set poems from the LAMDA Verse and Prose Anthology Vol. 17 from Introductory to Grade 3
  • a presentation of strategies for teaching the speaking of this poem to an individual learner.

Teaching Skills

Prepare a ten-lesson Scheme of Work for the teaching of one LAMDA Communication subject at either Entry Level or Level 1.

Frequently Asked Questions

What age do I have to be to take the LTCC?
The minimum age for the LTCC is 19 years old. You must be at least 19 years old before registering for the qualification.

Do I need any previous qualifications/experience before taking the LTCC?
You do not need any previous qualifications to take the LTCC. You should, however, have some teaching experience.

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