Applications within the UK

To meet the needs of every candidate, we offer two routes of entry for our examinations:

Private centres

A private centre is a venue that is organised and managed by a teacher or other contact independent of LAMDA examinations. It is administered by a nominated Centre Coordinator, who is responsible for booking the examiner through LAMDA Examinations, arranging the venue, entering the candidates, arranging the timetable and distributing results when they are issued. It does not cost anything to become a private centre; you just need to meet the minimum amount of examination fees depending on whether the event is in our peak or off-peak periods.

Apply through a UK private centre

Public centres

If you do not have enough Learners to become a private centre and / or you do not have a suitable examination venue, Learners can be entered at one of our LAMDA public centres, which are open to anyone who wishes to take an examination. These are held on specific dates set and managed by LAMDA and in different venues around the UK throughout the year.

Apply through a UK public centre