Many actors, directors and technicians find their first professional jobs in film, television, radio or within the UK’s hugely successful online and gaming sectors. These roles require a specific set of skills and we have developed our training to better prepare our students for the demands of these industries. Since expanding our screen and audio work in 2011/12, we have already seen a return on investment – with over 50% of the students graduating from our BA (Hons) Professional Acting in 2012 securing a screen role in their first year as professional actors. 

We could not have achieved such results without the generous support of Panasonic, whose professional camera and sound equipment is used extensively in both our training and to produce LAMDA Films.

“Panasonic have helped make training LAMDA’s talented students in screen acting a seamless process. We use their equipment when shooting and reviewing the students’ work, for live monitoring performances in class and to screen their finished short films. This ensures that on graduating, our students have the skills and experience necessary to launch sustainable careers within the industry.”
AJ Quinn
Head of Screen & Audio Performance at LAMDA