Alumni Giving

LAMDA’s training is rigorous and demanding; the schedule calls for full days and full weeks. That’s why we are striving to support as many students as we can throughout their training to assure success. In shifting circumstances, I’ve seen committed and hardworking students suddenly left short despite all familial goodwill in the world.” 

Penny Cherns, Senior Tutor


Our Alumni Giving Programme is an opportunity for alumni to support a LAMDA student by donating to the Student Hardship Fund. Making a donation to the Student Hardship Fund will help those in urgent need continue their training – despite unforeseen changes in family situations, medical and mental health issues and unexpected expenses like getting a bag or bike stolen.  

As a member of LAMDA’s alumni community, you most likely remember the rigors of the Academy’s training, be it a notorious booth exercise, preparing for fight night or designing a show in the Linbury (or perhaps the MacOwan); the timetable is full-on and leaves little time for shift work. Therefore, LAMDA takes great effort to ensure our actors, directors and technicians are healthy, housed and fed, so they are able to concentrate fully on their training.

Giving from just £3 a month - the cost of a latte, half a pint, a tube journey – will ensure that these exceptional artists continue to thrive through their training, regardless of their economic circumstances. Whether you choose to give monthly by joining our Alumni Giving Membership or you prefer to give a one-off gift, we are extremely grateful for any help you can offer to support your younger siblings in the LAMDA family. 

Monthly Alumni Giving for Student Hardship

Thank you for your monthly support, please choose a donation level below to donate on a recurring monthly basis.

One-off donation for Student Hardship