A Guide to LAMDA Graduates at Edinburgh Fringe

There are plenty of LAMDA students and alumni involved in this year’s Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Scroll through for details of where to catch some of them in action…


Milly Roberts (BA Professional Acting) can be seen in Butterflies.

Three girls. Three bedrooms. Three phones. An endless stream of notifications. Witty and honest, Butterflies navigates a world of revenge porn, Tinder bios and wagon wheels. 

Meet Shannon, Frankie and Floss: a working-class teenager infatuated with her Call of Duty obsessed boyfriend; a closeted uni student using tinder to explore her sexuality for the first time; and the latest YouTube sensation battling an ex threatening to share revenge porn. Told in three hilarious and intricately interwoven monologues, this striking debut is an intimate portrait of womanhood, identity and the minefield that is growing up in the age of Instagram.

ZOO Venues Playground 1. 2 – 26 August

The Canary and the Crow

The award-winning Middle Child present The Canary and the Crow – brand new gig theatre about the journey of a working-class black kid who is accepted to a prestigious grammar school. This lyrical, semi-autobiographical piece from writer and performer Daniel Ward (BA Professional Acting) uses grime, hip hop and theatre to tell the story of the struggle between a new environment that doesn't accept you and an old one that has no opportunity. Daniel and fellow graduate Laurie Jamieson (BA Professional Acting) are directed by Paul Smith (MA Directing) in this production.

Roundabout @ Summerhall. 31 July to 25 August (except 1, 6, 13, 20 Aug)


Harry McMullen (BA Professional Acting) joins the cast of the world premiere production of E8 presented by The North Wall in association with The Pleasance.

'When you see a scar you know someone's had pain, but if you can't see it how would you know?' In a school for excluded pupils in Hackney, Bailey waits for a decision that could change her life, whilst her headteacher prepares to leave it all behind. Full of humour and heart, Marika Mckennell's timely new play gives voice to those who have fallen through the cracks in mainstream education. Directed by Fringe First Award winner Ria Parry.

Pleasance Dome. 31 July – 26 August (except 14 Aug)


Charlie's had enough. He's giving up sex. No more booty calls. No more walks of shame. No more sleeping with that guy who gave him gonorrhea... twice. He's taking a breather. He's having some me time. He's learning to love himself. He's bought some face masks so he's already halfway there.

After two total sell-out Fringes, the internationally award-winning Limerence Productions is back with Fudge: an honest, warm and witty exploration of the difficulties of gay celibacy. Written and directed by current directing student Phoebe Simmonds.

Nip, Gilded Balloon. 31 July – 26th August

Giants are Fjord

It’s 2019. Iconic Norwegian Eurodance due Fjörd are back. And they’re recording a live studio album… In 2015 Fjörd released their chart-topping single, Forever Young Tonight Always. In 2016, they released their follow-up single, Always Young Forever Tonight, to chart-entering acclaim. Now, after a three year “sabbatical”, the legendary Scandinavian pop duo are back. A new character hour from comedy double act Giants, featuring Barney Fishwick (FdA Professional Acting).

Pleasance Courtyard. 31 July – 25 August (except 13 Aug)


Hello, we’re Ell and Mary. We’re best friends and ex-girlfriends and we’re bored of playing it cool. So this is a show about what gets you hot. We asked women and transpeople aged 11-97 what makes them sweat, rub and gush. Ok, we didn’t ask the 11-year-old exactly the same questions. We made a sweaty verbatim dance party out of their answers. Following five-star sell-out runs at the Fringe and Soho Theatre, HOTTER returns with Ell Potter (FdA Professional Acting) for a limited run only.

Underbelly Cowgate. 12 – 25 August

The Improv Musical

Ready to take the Edinburgh Fringe by storm for the fifth year running, Sophie Holmes (Foundation Diploma) joins the cast of hit show The Improv Musical! Guaranteed to leave you roaring with laughter with musical mayhem and excitement! Based entirely on audience suggestion, no show is ever the same. Every performance is opening and closing night! Watch your ideas come to life as you create the characters, the setting and even the show title (the punnier the better). Complete with memorable tunes, catchy lyrics, and the occasional dance routine, the show really is in your hands!

C Venues, C Viva. 2 - 26 August (except 13 Aug) 17:15

Madame Ovary

It’s January and Rosa is writing her resolutions. This is her year. She is going to stop going out with plonkers, start doing yoga and write some really good art. But before she’s had time to delete her dating apps and get into downward dog, she’s diagnosed. With ovarian cancer. And it’s spread. Suddenly faced with hospitals, chemotherapy and her own mortality, Rosa’s new goal for the year ahead is to survive it. Rosa Hesmondhalgh’s (BA Professional Acting) debut solo show Madame Ovary explores the typical struggle a 20-something has with trying to stay relevant and the less typical struggle of trying to stay alive.

Pleasance Dome. 31 July – 26 August (except 13 Aug)


Megan Shandley (BA Professional Acting) brings tales of nostalgia and things forthcoming with likeable vigour and a high dose of sass to this year’s Edinburgh Fringe. From the humble email to conversations with Alexa, keeping in touch has never been easlier. The sky’s the limit, but can Megan avoid a crash landing? Make sure you catch Megan’s show Megazoid at the Scottish Comedy Festival.

Scottish Comedy Festival @ Nightcap. 1 – 26 August (except 3 or 19 Aug)


Saga is an English and Swedish adaptation of August Strindberg's A Dream Play, at a time where the property ladder is near impossible to climb, vloggers are worshipped and millennials are buckling under debt racked up from years of education. Think Alice in Wonderland tumbling through Black Mirror. Olivia Skoog (FdA Professional Acting) joins the cast.

Greenside @ Nicolson Square. 12 – 24 August, (except 18 Aug)

She Sells Sea Shells

Charlie Merriman (FdA Professional Acting) joins the cast of She Sells Sea Shells. 'It ain't a fossil. It's fossilised dung. But if he wants to pop it in a cabinet I don't want to spoil his day'. In 1811, the daughter of a Lyme Regis carpenter discovered the world's first Ichthyosaur. She was twelve. Before she was thirty, Mary Anning made discoveries that transformed our understanding of the universe. Then she was written out of history. Nearly. Scandal and Gallows bring their blend of movement and storytelling to this extraordinary story of genius, gender and dinosaurs.

Underbelly Cowgate. 1 – 25 August (except 12 Aug)

Stiff and Kitsch: Bricking It 

Musical Comedy Award winners 2018 Sally O’Leary (FdA Professional Acting) and Rhiannon Neads (BA Professional Acting) sing about everything keeping them awake at night: tax, wooden cutlery and the consequences of last night’s eight double G&Ts. Each. From the creators of the hit show, Adele Is Younger Than Us, Stiff and Kitsch: Bricking It is a story of life’s favourite fears, told through one big night out and one miserable morning after. Everyone’s scared of something, but there’s safety in numbers: maybe we’ll be braver together. As seen on BBC Three.

Pleasance Courtyard. 31 July – 26 August (Except 12 Aug)

Stand Up with Janine Harouni (Please Remain Seated)

Janine’s father is a lifelong New Yorker and son of Middle-Eastern Immigrants. He’s also an avid Donald Trump supporter. Attempting to reconcile those things makes for one tense Sunday dinner. Catch multi award-winning newcomer Janine Harouni (FdA Professional Acting) in her debut show Stand Up with Janine Harouni (Please Remain Seated) about standing up for what you believe in, even if you have to do it really nicely.

Pleasance Courtyard. 31 July – 25 August (except 13 Aug)


Are you a LAMDA student or alum taking part in Edinburgh Fringe? If so, we’d love to hear from you! Let us know what projects and productions you’re involved in and where we can find you! Drop us a line at [email protected] or tweet us @LAMDAdrama.