Audition Tips For Actors

Whether you’re applying to drama school for the first time or are an established actor, auditions will play a vital part in your success. At LAMDA, our first round of Drama School auditions draw to a close at the end of March, with recalls commencing mid-April and auditions in Paris in May. With this in mind, we sat down with our Head of Acting, Caroline Leslie and asked her to share her pearls of wisdom when it comes to preparing for, and performing, in that all important audition room…

Choose a piece and character which fascinates you.
“You can really tell when someone has chosen a piece that they connect to and auditions almost always work better if the actor has chosen something they love.”

Know your character. 
“Think about what your character was doing directly before we meet them in your monologue and how that is affecting them. Think about precisely where they are and what their relationship is to that place. Think about exactly who they are talking to, what they think of that person / those people, what they think the person / people think of them. What do they actively want to achieve by saying the things they say? Make sure you have fully harnessed your imagination to their situation.”

Dress neutrally, sleep and eat well and arrive in plenty of time.  
“With regard to what you wear, we are looking for a clear expression of the characters you will be exploring, as opposed to an expression of who you are. Neutral choices of clothing tend to allow us to see the acting more clearly.” 

Use your nerves. 
“Everyone gets nervous; it’s something which never goes away. It’s your job in an audition to show how you harness your nerves to bring a character to life for an audience.”

Connect with the panel. 
“Don’t be frightened to take a moment to make eye contact with the panel and regain your focus once you’re in the audition room. At drama school auditions certainly, the panel will have seen all manner of ways in which actors focus themselves, so don’t be afraid to do whatever it takes to do your best.”

Listen carefully to what the panel tell you. 
“As well as taking a moment to focus, listen to what the panel tell you. If they ask you to stay behind a line, or to perform a certain prepared piece first, do that. Listening is such an important part of acting so make sure you show that you understand that.”

Think positively.
"The panel are trying to help you. We want you to do well and we’re assuming that every actor that we see is good. Your job is to find as much connection, joy, relaxation and play in the work as possible. If you enjoy the experience, we will."

If you would like to learn more about getting the most out of all future auditions, take a look at our Audition Technique Short Course. Good luck!

Published on 6 March 2017

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