Hear From the People behind Our Shakespeare Examinations – Part 3

Hear From the People behind Our Shakespeare Examinations – Part 3

LAMDA’s new Shakespeare Qualification is designed to help Learners develop an understanding of Shakespeare’s language and the skills to communicate Shakespearean text to an audience.

We interviewed the panel of experts who supported LAMDA Examinations in the development of the Qualification to learn more about the benefits and challenges for Learners, and their own Shakespearean inspirations!

For our third interview, we sat down with Vivien Heilbron, LAMDA Examiner and Teacher.

What’s Exciting about these Qualifications?

“I am really thrilled about this new LAMDA Qualification, particularly as the different Levels offered will enable Learners of all ages and experience to approach Shakespeare with a sense of excitement and confidence. Shakespeare has done all the work for the performer. I think the emphasis on style and wordplay in the material shows us how we can learn to rely on looking at what is on the page as the main guide to making the words come to life as we speak them.”

Benefits for Learners

“Learners will benefit in so many ways! They will learn about Shakespeare’s world and what the original conditions were for his actors as well as looking at the social and historical content of his plays. Most of all, they will experience a sense of confidence as they discover how the language becomes less of a mystery or a daunting challenge but is actually there to support the performer at all times.”

Favourite Shakespeare Play

“My favourite comedy is Twelfth Night. My favourite tragedy is King Lear.”

Favourite Shakespearean Character

“Viola from Twelfth Night would be my favourite character. She is so courageous and so full of hope. Her language is both beautiful and witty. The reunion with her twin brother, Sebastian, is one of the most moving scenes ever.”

Anything else we should know?

“I’ve been lucky enough to play many wonderful roles in the theatre but nothing beats the experience of playing Shakespeare. The actor is in such safe hands and if you read the script with due care and attention, the writer will guide you all the time. It feels like working with a colleague who is still very much alive.”

If you would like to learn more about our Shakespeare Examinations, including the examinations syllabus, take a look at the LAMDA Examinations pages on our website.

Published on 7 November 2017.

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