International Update

International Update

LAMDA Examinations continues to grow in popularity across the globe. To enable schools and centres to cope with increased demand from Learners and Parents we have developed a plan to deliver more Teacher Training Courses on our international teaching qualifications: LAMDA Teacher’s Certificate in Communication (LTCC) and LAMDA Teacher’s Certificate in Performance (LTCP).

This capacity-building programme involves face-to-face training opportunities for federations of schools or for large individual schools.

Teachers are being trained to deliver the LAMDA syllabus in communication, performance, or indeed both subjects. One such training programme recently took place in Nanchong, China, where LAMDA Examiner, Ros Taylor, delivered the LTCC to 14 drama teachers. Ros travelled via Hong Kong and worked closely with LAMDA’s Head of Examinations, John Lawton, and Chief Examiner, Linda Macrow, to plan and deliver an intensive and rewarding training experience for all concerned. Ros said of her experience:

‘I was amazed at the commitment and passion that the teachers had for their subjects and their desire to work and practise their skills to deliver sound outcomes for their Learners’.

Working closely with in-country representatives of the school, the delivery of the Unit 1 training programme was followed by Unit 2 support. In Unit 2, trained teachers were required to produce detailed schemes of work in English, which enabled the delivery of chosen aspects of the communications syllabus. Ros focussed on enabling teachers to select age and topic appropriate pieces from our anthologies and to familiarise teachers with our exacting Assessment Criteria. International centres are reminded that where a LAMDA qualification is delivered overseas, it must be delivered to the same high standard as it would be in the United Kingdom, especially where it is a regulated qualification.

Nanchong Middle School Number 11 will now begin teaching LAMDA qualifications, having successfully passed through a centre recognition process that focussed on the school’s capacity to deliver and support our syllabi and administrative requirements for attendants. On-going support has been offered to teachers delivering LAMDA qualifications and we will be delivering a series of webinars and online sessions as part of our continuing professional development for teachers in the run-up to their first examinations.

To find out more about how LAMDA Examinations can support the capacity of your centre to deliver LAMDA qualifications internationally, please contact Head of Examinations to discuss your requirements.

More information about these qualifications can be found at:

LAMDA Teacher’s Certificate in Communication (LTCC)

LAMDA Teacher’s Certificate in Performance (LTCP)

Published on 19 October 2017.

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