LAMDA Examinations New Qualifications 2017

In our February 2016 issue of Voiceover, LAMDA announced the potential development of new qualifications to add to our existing suite. Shortly thereafter, we sent our new products survey to LAMDA Examinations customers, Examiners and stakeholders to scope interest in our proposed qualifications and to assess the appropriate level, content, assessment methodology and learning outcomes for them. The response was very positive and the results indicated an overwhelming level of interest in two products: a Diploma in Acting and a Shakespeare qualification. LAMDA is pleased to announce that development for both of these qualifications is currently underway. 

LAMDA Diploma in Acting
We are designing the LAMDA Diploma in Acting to allow learners to develop the skills, knowledge and understanding required to perform drama to an audience. The qualification will provide opportunities:

  • for learners to develop essential skills and knowledge in areas of study which reflect the complex role of the actor 
  • to gain a strong foundation in the application of acting skills.

This qualification is being developed for recognition at Level 5 on the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF) to ensure parity with our current LAMDA Diploma in Communication, Speech and Drama Education (LSDE). This will also give the qualification parity with a non-honours Bachelors degree and will provide a progression route for learners who have completed, or are currently completing, LAMDA Level 3 Examinations in Performance, Communication or Musical Theatre.

The qualification will be: 

  • available to learners aged 16 years and over
  • comprised of three units, all of which will be mandatory 
  • a mixture of practical and written assessment.

One unit will be assessed via the submission of a written assignment and two units will be assessed via a practical examination with a LAMDA Examiner. The inclusion of a written element has been carefully considered and reflects the rigour and purpose of a qualification recognised at Level 5 on the current RQF Framework.

LAMDA Shakespeare Examinations
The LAMDA Shakespeare Examinations are being designed to develop an understanding of Shakespeare’s language and the skills necessary to communicate Shakespearean text to an audience. The qualification will allow learners to develop:

  • skills in interpretation and technique
  • knowledge of their chosen material
  • an understanding of Shakespeare’s style of writing 
  • an understanding of Elizabethan theatre.

The examinations are being developed for recognition at Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 on the RQF Framework to ensure parity with our current Acting Examinations and to offer a route into the new Acting Diploma. However, one significant difference is that the Shakespeare Examinations will not be graded and will instead be offered as one examination at Level 1, one examination at Level 2, and one examination at Level 3. At Level 3 we will be seeking inclusion on the new UCAS Tariff. 

Each examination will be assessed via a practical examination with a LAMDA Examiner.

LAMDA will also be developing a Shakespeare publication to support teachers preparing learners for the Shakespeare Examinations. This publication will cover key areas of content in relation to the qualification syllabus, such as Shakespeare’s language, his style of writing and the Elizabethan theatre, and will contain a synopsis of key plays.

The syllabuses for both the LAMDA Acting Diploma and LAMDA Shakespeare Examinations are currently being finalised with experts and stakeholders. We will be submitting both qualifications to regulators for recognition by April 2017 with a view to having syllabuses available to teachers from July/August 2017. 

First assessments for both qualifications will be available from 1 January 2018.

The Shakespeare publication, which will support teachers preparing learners for the Shakespeare Examinations, will be available in December 2017.

Our qualifications are always designed with our customers in mind, and we hope that you will be as excited as we are by these new offerings. If you have any questions about the new qualifications or would like to offer your comments/feedback on the above, please email us at

This article is part of Voiceover, the newsletter for LAMDA Examinations audiences. For more information about LAMDA Examinations, please click here.

Published on 13 February 2017

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