UK Centre Update

UK Centre Update

In the current academic year, LAMDA Examinations wants to strengthen the agreements we have with registered centres, to enable us to remain compliant with our recognition as an Awarding Body and to enhance the support offered to centres and Learners.

Learner Registration System

We will shortly be rolling out a new web-based Learner Registration IT system, to enable easier registration of Learners. Payment for Learners’ registration will be required at the time they are entered for an examination in an effort to cut down the delays experienced by some Learners when a centre’s results are held back because of non-payment by candidates. In a similar way, the new system will require administrators to confirm that the correct spelling of names has been given, as this is again something that can affect the time it takes to process results.

New UK Centre Guide 

LAMDA Examinations has produced a revised UK Centre Guide, which is available to download here. This guide has a simplified structure to make it easier to quickly find the information required. There have been a number of changes this year included in the Guide and outlined below.

Reasonable Adjustment Requests
There has been a re-alignment of the date that centres should inform LAMDA Examinations of a Reasonable Adjustment request. This must now be done at least six weeks prior to the examination date, rather than two weeks, as if the Reasonable Adjustment is agreed, we have six weeks to make the necessary provisions. Applicants should know if a Learner might require a Reasonable Adjustment at the time of their entry, so it makes sense to make us aware of this as soon as you can.

Changes to Centre Fees
We have increased the minimum fee required to send an Examiner to a centre. This revision to £750 more accurately reflects the true cost involved in sending Examiners out. Examiner days are calculated on a six and a half hour working day, excluding all lunch and tea breaks. Many centres already meet these revised amounts relatively comfortably, but if you feel you are not going to meet the required minimum, please contact the office for further advice. As a charity, LAMDA must be prudent and cost-effective with the deployment of our resources and demonstrate, as in any other industry, sound financial management, and we are committed to doing so.

Changes to Late Registration Fee
A further fee change has been to the Late Learner Registration Fee. Far too many Learners are being registered after schedules have been issued. Again, to more adequately reflect the genuine cost of making these late adjustments, we have increased this fee to £50 per Learner, which is now in line with many other Awarding Bodies. Entries submitted after the closing date will be liable to these fees.

LAMDA Examinations will always work to assist centres to register Learners effectively and efficiently. Our new IT system is designed to make our processes simpler to follow and to avoid the kind of charges that can result when late changes are made. We want to provide a value for money service to centres and have invested extensively in the new system and in new personnel to enable us to cope with the significant growth in demand we have experienced year on year. We do hope these changes enhance your experience with LAMDA.

Published on 19 October 2017.

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