Film Premieres

An integral part of our BA (Hons) and FdA Professional Acting courses involve extensive screen and audio training. Our students showcase their screen acting skills in 11 professionally written and directed short films.

Wed 19 June – 7.00pm
​The Sainsbury Theatre, LAMDA

Sam and Alex

Written by Michelle Bonnard
Director Isabella Wing-Davey

Sam - Benjamin Bridson
Taeus - Ryan Burch
Alex - James Esler
Mita - Emma Laristan
Lucas - Nathan Ricard

When Sam and Lucas are having a romantic meal, Sam's father, recently released from prison, appears on their doorstep. Sam seeks out his estranged brother Alex to try to make sense of their past. 

24 Hours

Written by Ming Ho
Director A J Quinn 

Mariette - Sanda Bourenane
Violet - Scarlett Courtney
George - Joe McNamara (formerly Joe Rooney) 
Laurence - Charlie MacVicar
Dinah - Chloe McClay

London Blitz, 1940: nightclub singer Violet prepares to marry RAF airman, George.  His 24-hour leave proves a day of reckoning for them and their friends…

Just So

Written by Daniel Kanaber
Director A J Quinn

Tom - Will Bishop
Peter - Harvey Comerford
Rose - Elizabeth Hammerton
Siggi - Arni Larusson
Paige - Taeus - Georgia Warlow

She was impossible to please in life. Now she’s approaching death can her children and carer find the right words to say goodbye.

Before I Fall

Written and directed by Alex Warren

Luke - Colm Gleeson
Phoebe - Olivia Le Andersen
Jack - Ivan du Pontavice
Daisy - Ell Potter
Lily - Isabella Verrico 

A group of friends struggle to accept that their lives will never be the same again.


Written by Somalia Seaton
Director Jonathan Reid-Edwards

Lucas - Branden Cook
Terrol - Joshua Eldridge-Smith
Kat - Hannah Kenifick
Charlie - Gilbert Kyem Jr 

Three grieving friends are given the chance of a lifetime: to erase all memories of their lost friend. But it involves an unimaginable risk.


Written and Directed by Jonathan Reid-Edwards and Kate Tuck

Danny - Matthew Yulish
Bruce - Wyatt Warner
Stevie - Michael DeFilippis
Patti - Rose Jackson-Smith
Robert - Michael Kosko

As two vampires search for their wayward friend and come to terms with eternity, two mortal friends try to reconnect and avoid being an anniversary dinner.

In the Service of the Queen

Written by Shaun Prendergast
Directed by Ben Morris

Clive - Stuart Thompson
Justin - Samuel Adebayo
Yaris - Julia Romano
Gertrude - Chloe English
Adrienne - Julia Del Barrio

Yaris has invented a process of eternal youth, and created an all powerful corporation from the profits. Now she’s suing the corporation - for the right to die.

Saint Christopher

Written by Iona Firouzabadi
Directed by Christopher Haydon

Jay - Lucy Girling
Sam - Esme Scarborough
Maddy - Matilda Tucker
Kieran - Kiefer Moriarty-Short
Guy - Liam King
Davey - William Robinson

In a small seaside town, Maddy is caught up in a county lines gang and her life starts to spin beyond her control.


Written by Iona Firouzabadi
Directed by Christiana Ebohon-Green

Dr Braxton - Amy Vicary-Smith
Liam - Ethan Moorhouse
Aleah - Phoebe Ellabani
Jack - Stanley Morgan

Liam has discovered his mother had a secret, and it’s too late to confront her with the truth.

The Squeeze

Written by Javone Prince
Directed by A J Quinn

Clips - Akiel Dowe
Dean - Bradley Craig
PC Buller - King Boateng
Portia - Mercedes Assad
Dooks - Samuel Stafford

Dean owes money to the Clutch Squad, and the Clutch Squad aren’t happy. So they pay Dean a visit ,and Dean’s not happy at all. But he was once….

The Burglar

Written by Rebecca Boey
Directed by Samantha Harrie

Kaye - Alex Heath
Billie - Chloe Tannenbaum
Burglar - Sam Morgan-Davies
Sandi - Stephanie Payne

On graduation night,  friends reflect on memories of university - but there’s one event they all remember differently. As they dig at the memory, buried secrets are unearthed.