MA Directing Season

A season of exciting, thought-provoking plays showcasing the fresh visions of our MA Directing 2019 graduates. 22 August - 6 September 2019.

The MA Directing course is supported by The Carne Trust.


Buy a ticket. Check in. Take a flight into the heart of modern life, where nothing is ever enough but transcendence is on the next channel.


This Is Living

Alice and Michael love each other, but Alice is dead. A punchy, poetic look at a relationship from beginning to premature end. 


Sex With A Stranger

Humour and heartbreak permeate this unconventional lust story.



Abstract expressionist painter Mark Rothko tries to finish a series of paintings while figuring his way out of the maze of art and life.


The Prince of Homburg

In this radical new version of Kleist’s classic, Homburg is placed into a world which could be ours, but feels like a dream. How far are we allowed to dream, and what happens when our reality descends into chaos?



Jess and Joe Forever

Spanning several summer holidays Jess and Joe Forever is a tender and thoughtful play about finding your place in the world when you only know a small corner of it.