It’s important that you stay on top of your game during your time with us, so make sure you look after yourself.

If you’re studying on a course for more than six months

If you’re going to be on one of our longer courses, it’s really important that you register with a doctor near your home in London once you arrive. If you wait until you are unwell it can sometimes be hard to see a doctor straight away if you are not registered.

You can get a list of doctors in your area from either the National Health Service Information Line (+44 (0)800 66 55 44) or at

If you’re planning to apply for a Student visa, you’ll have to pay a healthcare surcharge as part of your immigration application. You will then be able to use the NHS. This means you’ll be able to register with a local doctor and see them free of charge if you become unwell.

Not all services are free on the NHS, such as prescriptions, dental treatment and eye tests. If you travel outside of the UK during your course, you will need the appropriate insurance.

If you are studying on a course for less than six months

If you’re an international student studying on a course which is shorter than six months, you may not be entitled to free healthcare in the UK.

If you’re studying on a course which is longer than six months, and you are not from the UK, make sure you take out private health insurance to ensure quick treatment in the event of serious illness or for treatment of existing illness.

Please contact healthcare insurance brokers or agents in your own country, as policies and prices for cover vary widely. You may find yourself facing significant costs if they are not insured and need to access medical treatment.