How to apply

Applications for 2022/23 entry are now open

We want to make sure the application process is as smooth as possible for you. Be sure to read all of the information as the course you're applying for, your individual circumstances or where you live, may change the application or audition process.

If you have any questions or need help along the way, let us know at [email protected].

    What are we looking for in prospective students?
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    How do I apply for an acting course?
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    How can I fund my training at LAMDA?
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    How do I apply for a production and technical arts course?
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    The application process for all courses

    The process
    1. Click 'Apply Now' on our course pages

      Click on the apply now link on any of our course pages and you’ll be directed to Quercus, our online application system.

      If your course requires an audition, you will need to use the link on the course page that is applicable to your circumstances and where you live.

    2. Fill in your application form and remember to save the form as you go

      Follow the steps to complete the application form. You can save it and come back at any point, just make sure you don’t miss the deadline! All application deadlines are listed on the course pages.

      You’ll be asked about your education and relevant experience and also (if relevant) when you’re available for an interview or audition (depending on your course).

    3. You will receive a confirmation email

      Once you’ve submitted your application you’ll get a confirmation email from our admissions team.

      Review the audition process if your course requires one. The process may be different, depending on your location, read more below. If applicable to your course and application, the email will contain instructions on how to submit your first round self tape. This self tape will form your first round audition and be sent to our audition panel.

      If you are applying for our Production & Technical Arts courses or our MA Directing course you will receive a confirmation email, and if your initial application is successful you will receive an invitation to interview.

    4. Create a LAMDA Account

      Go to 'My Account' on our main menu and create an account. This is how we will process your tuition fees if you are successful and tailor your email preferences, but it also means you can book tickets for shows, workshops and events at LAMDA easily. We'd love you to experience what we do.

    Accessible Interviews, Auditions & Training

    We are striving to make our interviews, auditions and training accessible to all and we endeavour to support any access needs that you require in order to audition or interview for LAMDA. The best way for us to tailor your audition or interview to your needs is to add any detail or requests into your application form and we will strive to accommodate these.

    Equally if you require support completing your application form or have any questions, email our admissions team on [email protected].  

    The audition process for 2022/23 entry

    If the course you're applying for requires an audition, [BA Professional Acting, Mfa Professional Acting or MA Classical Acting] the process may be different depending on where you live in the world or your personal circumstances.

    In Spring 2022 we are holding auditions in person in the United States only. You will be able to audition in person in the United States if:

    • you live in the United States
    • will be in the United States at the time of the auditions (even if you are not from the United States)
    • or would like to travel to the United States to audition

    The International audition fee of £88 will apply to anyone falling into any of the above categories who wishes to audition in person in the United States, as part of our North America Audition Tour. Dates, cities and venues will be confirmed soon.

    If you live in the US or would like to audition in person in the US, find out about the audition process here.

    If you live in the UK or Internationally [excluding the US] and the above does not apply to you, find out more about the audition process here.

    How to apply for courses that do not require an audition

    Following the submission of your initial application form. Find further information below regarding the application process for courses that require an interview.

    Following your completion of the application form, we will process your application.

    There is no charge for your application.

    Should your application be successful we will invite you to an interview that will take place in person. In advance of your interview you may be asked to submit some portfolio material for review by the interviewer. 

    Here are some things you should be aware of: 

    • Once we have received and processed your application, we will contact you with an interview date 

    We are not able to provide feedback for interviews.

    Notification of results

    After you have had your interview, we will do our best to get you your result within three weeks. We will let you know if: 

    • We would like to offer you a place on the course 

    • You’ve not been successful this time 

    Once you have submitted your application form, a member of the admissions team will review your CV and personal statement to check that your application meets the entry requirements.

    The administration fee for your application for MA Directing is £15.

    Once we have received and processed your application, you will then be invited to interview with our panel via Zoom. We will contact you with an interview date.

    If you’re successful in your interview, we will invite you to a final recall. We are hoping that the final recall will take place in person at LAMDA, however this will depend on the restrictions in place at the time. 

    We will not be able to provide feedback on preliminary interviews 

    Notification of results

    After you have had your preliminary interview, we will do our best to get you your result within three weeks. We will let you know if: 

    • We would like to call you back for a final recall

    • You’ve not been successful this time 

    Application & Audition FAQs

    There are only a very limited number of places available at LAMDA. If you’re not offered a place straight away, you may be placed on a waiting list. This means if someone who was offered a place decides not to accept their place, it may become available to you. The waitlist will be in operation until the August prior to the start of the course.  

    We cannot offer feedback on self-tapes. However, feedback will be given during the recall auditions. The audition team’s decision is final, and any feedback provided will not alter the decision taken.

    The audition procedures are intended to be fair and transparent. When you apply for a place at LAMDA, your entry is on the understanding that there is an acceptance of the professional judgement of the audition team. The only grounds for an appeal are if you feel that your audition was not judged fairly and can clearly demonstrate the reasons why this was the case.  

    All appeals must be made in writing within two weeks of the audition date, not the result.  

    The full policy and procedures for appeals and complaints to do with admissions is available here

    All self-tapes will be subject to GDPR guidelines and will be deleted once a final decision has been made regarding an applicant's result.

    Recall auditions are currently scheduled to take place in early April. If you intend to  travel from overseas to audition for us , we will try and schedule you in for your first audition at the end of March, so that if you are recalled you may be able to complete both rounds over a few days.  Alternatively, you can give us your preferred dates when you apply and we will try to accommodate them, but we cannot guarantee this.

    We are striving towards making our auditions accessible to all and endeavour to support an individual’s access needs on any given audition date.

    We may be able to offer you a Zoom recall audition please contact the admissions team for more information.