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Discover the application process for 2023 entry

If you're looking to join us from September 2023, find out all about our application and audition process here. If you would like to apply for a short course, find out more information on 'How to Apply for a short course' here.

If you have any questions or need help along the way, let us know at [email protected]

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    The Audition process 

    For courses that require an audition, rather than an interview, the process depends on where you live in the world, as we are holding auditions in-person in the United States.

    The 2023 Audition process

    What courses are currently open for applications?

    We're currently accepting applications for our Performing Arts Foundation Diploma, Undergraduate and Postgraduate degree courses and 4 & 8 week Shakespeare Summer Schools. Keep up to date by joining our mailing list designed for future students.

    Accessible Interviews, Auditions & Training

    We are striving to make our interviews, auditions and training accessible to all and we endeavour to support any access needs that you require in order to audition or interview for LAMDA. The best way for us to tailor your audition or interview to your needs is to add any detail or requests into your application form and we will strive to accommodate these.

    Equally if you require support completing your application form or have any questions, contact us via [email protected]

    The application process for all courses for 2023 entry

    The process
    1. Click 'Apply Now' on the course page

      Go to the web page which features the course you wish to apply to. Click on the 'Apply Now' button. You’ll then be directed to Quercus, our online application system.

    2. Fill in your application form and remember to save the form as you go

      Follow the steps to complete the application form. You can save it and come back at any point, just make sure you don’t miss the deadline! All application deadlines are listed on the course pages.

      You’ll be asked about your education and relevant experience and also (if relevant) when you’re available for an interview or audition (depending on your course).

    3. You will receive a confirmation email

      Once you’ve submitted your application you will be sent a confirmation email from our admissions team.

    4. If your application is successful, prepare for the audition or interview

      If you're applying for an acting course, prepare for the audition. There are different audition processes depending on where you live, one for UK & International applicants (excluding the United States) and one for United states based applicants.

      If you are applying for our Production & Technical Arts courses or our MA Directing course you will receive a confirmation email, and if your initial application is successful you will receive an invitation to interview.

    Further information

    Some details may be subject to change when applications open in Autumn 2022.

    Watch a video on the process here.

    Following your completion of the application form, we will process your application.

    There is no charge for your application.

    Should your application be successful we will invite you to an interview that will take place in person. In advance of your interview you may be asked to submit some portfolio material for review by the interviewer. 

    Here are some things you should be aware of: 

    • Once we have received and processed your application, we will contact you with an interview date 

    We are not able to provide feedback for interviews.

    Notification of results

    After you have had your interview, we will do our best to get you your result within three weeks. We will let you know if: 

    • We would like to offer you a place on the course 

    • You’ve not been successful this time 

    Once you've followed the steps on our How to Apply page and filled in the application form, we will send you a confirmation email.

    After we have received and processed your application, we will email you to tell you how to upload your self-tape, which is the first round audition. You will have 14 days from the date of submission to send LAMDA a link to your self-tape.

    • For your self-tape you should perform a monologue from a play or script of your choice. Monologue suggestions can be found here.
    • We recommend that for your first self-tape audition you perform a contemporary monologue, rather than a classical monologue.
    • You can edit the text of your monologue but make sure it makes sense as a stand-alone speech. For example, if you are combining two short pieces to form a longer monologue, make sure that it flows well as a whole. 
    • We like to see auditions that you have prepared without anyone else’s help or direction. We want to see your character choices and interpretation of the text. 

    What happens next? 

    A member of our admissions team will check that the link and password you provided both work. They will contact you if they find any problems. 

    If everything is fine, they’ll send your video to a member of the audition squad to view. Once that member has reviewed and assessed your tape we will send you the result. 

    If you are unsuccessful in progressing to the next stage we will delete all links to your self-tape. Unfortunately, we are not be able to provide feedback on self-tapes. 

    If you are successful and recalled we may need access your self-tape later. We will tell you more about this when we send you your results.

    You will either be invited to a second preliminary audition over Zoom or a final recall in person. We are hoping that the final recall will take place in person at LAMDA, however this will depend on any COVID-19 restrictions in place at the time.

    Audition via Zoom 

    We may ask you to attend an audition over Zoom after your self-tape first round audition. If this happens, we’ll send you full details of what you can expect. 

    Recall audition 

    If you are offered a recall, we’ll send you the date of the recall audition, and all the details about what to expect, about two to three weeks in advance. 

    Application notification and waitlisting

    After the recall audition, it will take around two to three weeks to get your result. We’ll let you know if: 

    • You’re successful and we’d like to offer you a place 
    • You’ve not been successful this time 
    • You have been waitlisted for a place on a course.