Audition & Application process FAQs

Application & Audition FAQs

There are only a very limited number of places available at LAMDA. If you’re not offered a place straight away, you may be placed on a waiting list. This means if someone who was offered a place decides not to accept their place, it may become available to you. The waitlist will be in operation until the August prior to the start of the course.  

We cannot offer feedback on self-tapes. However, feedback will be given during the recall auditions. The audition team’s decision is final, and any feedback provided will not alter the decision taken.

The audition procedures are intended to be fair and transparent. When you apply for a place at LAMDA, your entry is on the understanding that there is an acceptance of the professional judgement of the audition team. The only grounds for an appeal are if you feel that your audition was not judged fairly and can clearly demonstrate the reasons why this was the case.  

All appeals must be made in writing within two weeks of the audition date, not the result.  

The full policy and procedures for appeals and complaints to do with admissions is available here

All self-tapes will be subject to GDPR guidelines and will be deleted once a final decision has been made regarding an applicant's result.

We are striving towards making our auditions accessible to all and endeavour to support an individual’s access needs on any given audition date.

We may be able to offer you a Zoom recall audition please contact the admissions team for more information.

You'll receive an email if you're successful in your initial application outlining the below instructions. This is how to upload your video successfully to our application portal using Vimeo or YouTube. 

Create an account on Vimeo, you can also use YouTube but make sure your video is 'unlisted'. The aim is to share a URL to view your self tape audition with our audition squad via our application portal.

Using Vimeo to upload your video

Visit and click the join button in the top right corner if you do not already have an account. You'll only need the Vimeo Basic account, which is free. Verify your email when prompted. 

Upload your file

Once you're signed in, click the ‘+ New Video’ button then click ‘Upload'. 

Select the files you wish to upload.

Name your file

Now you've uploaded your file, add your name in the title of the upload.

Change the access permissions on your video to decide who can view your video

In the ‘Privacy’ drop down list select “Only people with a password can see this video” 

Enter a password, please use your application ID number as the password.

Add the link to your video to your application in the portal

Once your video has uploaded please use the link in your email from the admissions team to upload your video into the application portal.

In the application portal click Apply Online against the Videos URL option and the next screen will take you to a box to input your self-tape URL.

Then click submit when you're ready.