Audition in North America

The audition process in North America

Update March 2022
Our Audition Tour in North America is now finished for 2022.

We are returning to the United States to host in person auditions for our BA (Hons) Professional Acting, Mfa Professional Acting and MA Classical Acting courses. If you live in the United States you are eligible for our US in person auditions. International applicants who wish to travel to and audition in North America should contact the admissions team for information on availability. Your audition criteria and process in North America will be dependent on which course you have applied for. 

  • ​​​​If you live in the UK, a different application and audition process will apply. UK Applicant Audition Process
  • International applicants who are not based in the UK or North America should follow the audition process for UK applicants, read more here.

Audition fees

The audition fee for our North America Audition tour is £88. There is not an additional recall fee.

Please note auditions are subject to change due to COVID restrictions.

You’ll need to prepare two monologues.

  • One must be from an Elizabethan or Jacobean text [no longer than three minutes in length]
  • One must be from a comtemporary text [no longer than three minutes in length]

The monologues can be written for any gender. Your audition will last approximately 15 minutes, during which time the panel may redirect you and ask you to try your piece in a different way.

Successful applicants [auditioning for the BA or Mfa] will be required to attend an in person recall in Los Angeles or New York following their first round audition. All information will be provided to you about the recall if you are successful at the first audition. There is no additional charge for the recall audition.

You’ll need to prepare three monologues. These can be from any three different plays, although at least two must be from an Elizabethan or Jacobean text. They can be written for any gender and each one must last no longer than three minutes.  

Your monologues can be any pieces, but if you need some ideas, take a look here for a selection of classical monologues, as well as links to some more contemporary pieces.  

Applicants for the MA classical acting will not be required to attend a recall audition.  Unless they are applying for multiple courses. 

Extra information about the application process:  

  • We’ll let you know the date of your audition about two to three weeks prior to the audition date, but it may be shorter notice, so make sure you’re prepared when you submit your application.

  • If you’ve applied for more than one course, you’ll only have to do one audition process.

  • Auditions in North America will take place from early January 2022, a full list of venues can be found in below.  We recommend applying early to secure a slot at your chosen venue.

  • Please arrive 15 minutes before your audition slot, as your audition will start on time. Your auditions should last approximately 15 minutes. Overall, the process should last no longer than 30 minutes.  

  • Dress comfortably. Wear clothes that you can move easily in.

Extra information about the preparing your pieces for the audition:

  • Even though you have been asked to prepare three monologues the panel may decide that they only want to see two and focus any redirection on those.

  • Be prepared to receive some direction from the panel on one or more of your pieces.

  • You won’t be able to use any props, so don’t choose a monologue which is reliant on any. Under no circumstances should you bring imitation weapons to use as props.

  • You can edit your monologue, but make sure it makes sense as a stand-alone speech. For example, if you are combining two short pieces to lengthen your monologue, make sure that it flows well.

  • The audition panel want to see your own creativity and interpretation of the text, don’t rely on performances from other actors or films of the monologue to show you how to do it.

Los Angeles
January – Friday 14th, Saturday 15th & Sunday 16th 
February – Saturday 12th & Sunday 13th  
*February – Saturday 26th & Sunday 27th RECALLS*

New York 
January – Thursday 20th through Tuesday 25th, Saturday 29th & Sunday 30th
February – Tuesday 22nd through Thursday 24th  
*March – Thursday 3rd through Sunday 6th RECALLS*

January – Monday 31st  
February – Tuesday 1st, Monday 7th & Tuesday 8th

San Francisco
February – Saturday 5th

February – Thursday 10th

February – Saturday 19th

Please be aware, venues/dates may be subject to change pending any unforeseen Covid travel restrictions.