About LAMDA Exams

LAMDA exams inspire and empower learners across the globe to be confident communicators.

LAMDA Exams Poetry Competition 2023

Know a budding young writer? From 1 August 2023 we are launching a competition for under 18s to be in with the chance of having their poem published and featured in our next Verse & Prose publication.

LAMDA Exams count towards the Duke of Edinburgh Award

Did you know that you can use your LAMDA lessons and exam preparation time for the skills section of your Duke of Edinburgh award? You can even set yourself the goal of passing the exam at the end of it. Check with your DofE Leader before you start to ensure it meets the requirements for your chosen level.

Supporting Publications

Our new monologue and duologue anthologies are available to order, these are optional supporting publications that feature a collection of optional pieces that can be used as own choice selections for young and teenage Learners entering LAMDA Exams in Acting. Now available in paperback and eBook via our online shop.

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