Make sure you have the right visa to study in the UK.

Do I need a visa?

From 5 October 2020, the Student route will replace the Tier 4 route

  • The Student route, which falls under the UK's new points-based immigration system, improves on the previous Tier 4 route making for a more streamlined experience for both sponsoring institutions and students
  • Visas that have been issued through the Tier 4 route are still valid and those eligible will still be able to apply for the Graduate Route when it opens in summer 2021
  • The Graduate Route will be available to international students who have completed a degree at undergraduate level or above at a higher education provider with a track record of compliance and who have a valid Student (or Tier 4) visa at the time of application
  • More information about the UK’s new points-based immigration system can be found here. Further guidance for EU, EEA and Swiss students, who from 1 January 2021 will need to comply with the new system can be found here
  • EU, EEA and Swiss citizens resident in the UK before 31 December 2020 should apply to the EU settlement scheme
  • Find out all about UK visas and immigration, and check if you require a visa prior to entering the UK

Can I work on my visa?

If you have or are applying for a Student visa, you will be allowed to work in the UK, but you will have some restrictions. These include being allowed to work only a certain number of hours per week during term time (your visa will state how many) and unlimited hours during holidays, without having to apply for permission. You will also need to apply for a National Insurance Number.

If you have, or are applying for, a short-term study visa from another country, you’re not permitted to work in the UK.

Please remember, all visa regulations are subject to change, so you need to check with the websites mentioned above.

Unfortunately, we cannot sponsor a visa for our Foundation Diploma as it is not validated by a UK university.

If you do not hold an UK passport and you want to train with us for less than six months, you may need to have a short-term study visa.

The visa requirements for non-UK students coming to study in the UK are subject to change. In the light of Britain’s withdrawal from the EU, we advise you to check the UK Visas and Immigration website for the most up-to-date information and guidance on the visa application process.