Danny Lee

Student Wellbeing Manager
My name is Danny and I’m the Student Wellbeing Manager. I offer a safe and non-judgmental space for students to talk if you are experiencing mental health difficulties or any other things impacting your wellbeing. The conversations are one to one and confidential, and you can speak about whatever is important to you.
Danny Lee

The aim of these conversations is different for everyone, but it could lead to us thinking about some practical tools that might help you, signing you up for counselling, helping you to access support through your GP, or simply just a space to share and be heard.

I believe our mental wellbeing is influenced by a lot of things: day to day experiences, family backgrounds, relationships, workload, our identity, sexuality, neuro-diversities, community, systems of oppression, past experiences, mental health diagnoses, finances, physical health, and much more. During your time at LAMDA we understand that there may be highs and lows. We aim to offer support whenever you need it.

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