In Conversation: Danielle Phillips & Lizzie Schenk

10 August 2023

Ahead of the launch of our revised Shakespeare for Performance syllabi next month, we sat down with LAMDA alumni and professional actors, Danielle Phillips and Lizzie Schenk

Danielle and Lizzie have both recently performed in the Globe Theatre's 2023 summer season, in Shakespeare's The Comedy of Errors and A Midsummer Night's Dream, respectively.

Both got to play a range of roles at the Globe, spanning different ages, genders and personalities, something learners will experience when working from our new syllabi.

This wide ranging discussion touches on taking LAMDA Exams, training as actors, their careers since leaving and why they think it's vital for learners to perform Shakespeare rather than just read it!

"It's become so serious. And when it's serious it's boring. And Shakespeare's not boring. Shakespeare's brilliant!"

Danielle Phillips

"Hopefully with things like these new LAMDA Syllabi... kids and young people will want to play rather than read."

Lizzie Schenk

About the Syllabi

Find out more about how we're shaking things up with the newly revised Shakespeare for Performance syllabi. Available in three levels and valid for LAMDA Exams from January 2024.