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LAMDA Exams are open to everyone

There are no access requirements beyond enthusiasm and passion. 

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Why choose a LAMDA exam

LAMDA Exams are about achievement and empowerment. We’ve been helping learners all over the world develop into confident speakers since the 1880s. They are open to everyone and can be taken across the globe.

  • No joining fees
  • No specific training routes. We run regular Syllabus in Practice sessions for our teachers which mix theory and practice so that you feel confident and inspired. 
  • Join the Directory of Teachers, our list of teachers who are offering classes to help prepare learners for their LAMDA Exams.
  • Learners are able to articulate their thoughts and ideas
  • Reading fluency, broader vocabulary and improved English language skills
  • LAMDA Exam preparation teaches valuable life skills
  • Gain a recognised qualification for university application or CV

Selection of the Exams we offer

Whether you're teaching young learners or those of secondary school age, we have a range of grades from introductory through to Grade 8 and beyond. Choose to specialise in a single subject or teach the full LAMDA Exams suite. 

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Our syllabi are available to everyone as a download, absolutely free. Or you can buy them and our anthologies in book format from our online shop.

How to start teaching exams

The process
  1. Book an exam online

    You can book an exam at one of our LAMDA Centres, or register your venue as a centre and have one of our examiners come out to you.

  2. You're booked in

    Once you’re booked in, we’ll send you all the paperwork. Please double check the date and location of the exams and the spelling of all your learners’ names, and let us know as soon as possible if anything is wrong.

  3. Exam time

    You’re all booked in. Your learners are prepped and ready. It’s time for them to show off all their hard work! Once they've received we'll send your learners a LAMDA certificate to celebrate.