Enquiry about results

If you have received your results, and you do not agree with the result, you can query them through an Enquiry About Results. These can be made for any reason.

How to apply for an Enquiry About Results  

Fill out and send us an Enquiry About Results application form within 15 working days of you getting your results. 

Enquiry About Results application form

What happens next

Once we have received the application form, we will let you know and then pass it over to an investigating manager.

The investigating manager will gather evidence and seek advice from both the LAMDA team and your examiner before coming to a decision. The investigating manager will reply in writing within 15 working days.

If your Enquiry About Results is successful we will take appropriate action, which may include letting you take your exam again or refunding the exam fee.

Written assessments 

Although not officially part of our appeals process, you can request for us to re-mark your written assessments if you do not agree with the result. This is chance to get a second opinion on your work.

We charge a fee of £50 for this service.

The results of the remark will replace your original results.

To request a re-mark, fill in an Enquiry About Results application form and send it to us with your fee.


If you are unhappy with the result of your Enquiry About Results, you may make an appeal.