All about UCAS points

Did you know that you can earn UCAS points with your LAMDA Exams?

UCAS Key Dates for 2024

UCAS have released their schedule for this year, therefore the following dates are key for all learners to ensure that their LAMDA Exams can be included in their Higher Education applications via UCAS: 

  • Deadline for UCAS Learner Registration: 1 June 2024. Learners should be entered on their chosen exam by 1st June 2023 to be included in the initial Entries submission to UCAS. 
  • Latest Exam Date to guarantee provision of results to Universities: 19 June 2023. LAMDA make a submission of all learner results to be made available to providers by UCAS in early August. In order to guarantee that your results are available to your chosen Universities, you must have completed your exam by 19th June 2024 at the latest. 

LAMDA and UCAS communicate throughout August to early October to ensure that any amendments processed as part of an Enquiry about Results or Appeal are still communicated to UCAS and in turn the Higher Education Institutions. These later dates should only be used in exceptional circumstances. To guarantee that results are readily available to the chose Institution, the above dates should be honoured. 

If you are concerned about receipt of results we request that you send us an email to: [email protected] The email should include the header ‘UCAS Results’, state the full name of the learner, their Exam Event Date, location and the Exam being taken. The LAMDA team will endeavour to provide the relevant assistance. 

Claim UCAS points with LAMDA Exams to assist university entry

Our Level Three Solo/Duo qualifications (that’s Grades 6 and up) are included in the UCAS Tariff. This means that if you pass those exams, you can claim points to help you with university entry in the UK. 

If you’ve taken a number of LAMDA qualifications at Grade 6 and above UCAS points can be claimed for each qualification. 

LAMDA qualifications are identifiable by Grade, Qualification Accreditation Number (QAN) and Syllabus. There can be different disciplines (units) within each Qualification. When the Title and QAN are the same, these disciplines (units) fall into one Qualification.  

For example, the below are all classified as units of one qualification:

Title Qualification Accreditation Number (QAN) Discipline (Unit)
LAMDA Level 3 Certificate in Performance (Grade 6) 603/4107/5 Acting
LAMDA Level 3 Certificate in Performance (Grade 6) 603/4107/5 Devising Drama
LAMDA Level 3 Certificate in Performance (Grade 6) 603/4107/5 Miming

Title Qualification Accreditation Number (QAN) Discipline (Unit)
LAMDA Level 3 Certificate in Performance (Grade 6) 603/4107/5 Acting
LAMDA Level 3 Certificate in Performance (Grade 6) 603/4107/5 Devising Drama
LAMDA Level 3 Certificate in Performance (Grade 6) 603/4107/5 Miming

In the example above, if a Learner has completed Acting and Devising Drama, the automated verification system will apply one set of UCAS points for the achievement of the LAMDA Level 3 Certificate in Performance at the highest Pass, Merit, Distinction Grade achieved across the disciplines (units) taken.

This does not mean that if a Learner has completed Acting and Devising Drama at Grade 6 they should not record the completion of all their achievements on their application form, they should, however they would both be recorded in the ‘Subject (optional)’ cell.

Getting the most value from your LAMDA qualifications within your UCAS application

UCAS applications provide a way for Learners to easily apply to a number of Universities at one time. It is important to note however that Universities have discretion as to what value they place on each qualification achieved by a Learner. In addition to ensuring the UCAS points are applied, the wider UCAS application process is essential to highlight to a University the immense value of the transferrable skills developed whilst following a LAMDA journey. 

For example, a Learner who is embarking on a Science Degree may have applied the UCAS points to their application, however the University may not fully understand the skills developed and proven by achieving those qualifications. By noting these skills in any personal statements, Learners can ensure that these skills are fully valued. 

Transferable skills vary across different LAMDA qualifications and detail can be found in each syllabi. Themes which are embedded into all LAMDA Level 3 qualifications include the ability to: 

  • Present to a wide audience in a live and in the moment setting
  • Present under pressure and in exam circumstances 
  • Answer questions effectively in exam circumstances
  • Prepare for examinations in a structured manner, enabling a Learner to present their thoughts and ideas clearly

UCAS Points

The below table shows how UCAS points are calculated. ​​​​​​

To search for these qualifications on the Tariff Calculator, please use the specific title as shown on your certificate and in the table below (e.g. Level 3 Certificate in Performance (Grade 6) and note the particular pathway (e.g. Acting) in the Subject cell. If you cannot find the specific qualification in your search, please enter ‘LAMDA’ into the qualification search field and scroll down to find your exact match.

Alternatively, you can download the 2024 tariff table on the UCAS website: 2024 UCAS tariff table.

Please note the following advice from the UCAS website:

'Just because your qualification receives Tariff points does not mean it will count towards the entry requirements for any course, even if the provider in question uses Tariff points in their entry requirements. You must check the course entry requirements carefully to see which qualifications are, and are not, accepted.'

Please check the entry requirements of the university and/or course you are applying for.