Combining written and practical assessment, our Level 3 Certificate in Speech and Drama: Performance Studies (PCertLAM) allows learners to take their performance studies even further.
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About the PCertLAM

This qualification is for those learners who want to develop their skills, knowledge and understanding of preparing and performing a recital based around a theme. It is also a great option for learners who want to take their acting and performance studies further. 

It is comprised of two units, a written assessment (Unit One), in the form of a Portfolio of Evidence, and a practical element (Unit Two), in the form of a recital performance

After drawing together their research in the portfolio of evidence, learners are able to demonstrate their technical and interpretive skills as they perform the pieces chosen for their recital.

LAMDA is recognised to award qualifications on the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF) in England by the Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (Ofqual), in Wales by Qualifications Wales (QiW), and in Northern Ireland by the Council for the Curriculum, Examinations and Assessment (CCEA). 


Learners may complete the Units in any order although we recommend that they are completed in sequential order.  

A PCertLAM Unit Entry Form will need to be submitted for each unit entered. Learners may submit their Unit 1 written assignment at any time. As Unit 2 is a recital performance, learners will be assessed at a Centre either in-person or remotely.

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PCertLAM Unit 1 – this is a written assignment (Portfolio of Evidence), which must be submitted online. 

The Portfolio of Evidence (Microsoft Word and PDF versions) and an Assignment/Portfolio or Evidence Declaration Cover Sheet declaring authenticity of the learner’s work, must be emailed to [email protected].

PCertLAM Unit 2 – this is a recital performance. Learners will have the option to enter at a Public Centre or Private Centre, and can be assessed either in-person or by Remote Online Assessment (ROA). Find out how to book. 

What do the units involve? 

Type of exam: Solo 

A 5,000-6,000 written assignment called a Portfolio of Evidence. The Portfolio will document the process of preparing a recital, based around a theme of the learner’s own choice. The learner will perform this recital in Unit 2. Please see the syllabus for full details. 

Type of exam: Solo  

Time allowance: 60 minutes   

  • A recital consisting of four pieces and links (an introduction, linking statements and a conclusion). The recital must be the same recital detailed in the Portfolio of Evidence submitted for Unit 1.
  • Sight-reading a text.
  • Answer questions about the performance.

Please see the syllabus for full details.

Full details of the requirements, assessment criteria and regulations can be found in the LAMDA Certificate in Speech and Drama: Performance Studies (PCertLAM) syllabus. 

    Resources & Teaching Materials

    How to find the set pieces for each exam

    The list of set pieces for each Exam can be found in the corresponding syllabi for each exam. You can download the syllabi as a free pdf via our Download Centre or visit our online shop.

    We are unable to verify the suitability of own choice pieces, please refer to the Exam Content and Assessment and Grading Criteria detailed for the exam subject and grade entered.

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    What syllabi will I need for this exam?

    All our syllabi listed below are available for free via download, or you can purchase our full range of publications from our online shop.

    You will need: 

    These might also be useful:

    • Teacher support material PCertLAM
    • Knowledge Matters Volume 3

    Download the syllabus, Teacher Support Materials and registration forms for this examination for free on our Download Centre.

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