What you need for online assessments

Want your learners to take their exams online? Here’s everything you need to get started.

Our first online assessment experience was great. The sessions all ran smoothly, the examiner and LAMDA steward put our learners at ease straight away and the kids were all very happy post exams

Teacher, 2020


While online assessments take place over the internet, your learners need a space to take their exam in. Most of the time this can be within their own homes. We even have a handy guide for learners to help them set up an area to take their exam in.  

However, learners can also use a private centre venue to take their online assessments if that is easier.  


Learners under the age of 16 will need to have a chaperone during their exam. Chaperones are expected to help the learner set up their space and devices so they are ready for the exam. They will also need to be on hand during the exam to troubleshoot if there are any technical issues, and also look after the online safety  of the learner. 

The chaperone is usually a parent or guardian. If your learners are taking their exams in a private centre environment then a teacher or IT technician can take this role. 

Technology and equipment 

Online assessments take place over Zoom. To use this, learners need a device with internet access. This can be a tablet, desktop computer, laptop or mobile phone. They won’t need to download anything. They can just click the link that we provide to access to the meeting where the exam will take place. 

They will also need: a webcam, microphone, earphones (or headphones, although we recommend against it as we have found that earphones allow the learner to be better engaged during their exam), their exam materials and a good internet connection. 

Online safety agreement 

Our online safety agreement sets out a list of rules that will help keep learners safe online. This agreement must be signed by parents or guardians when the learner is under the age of 16, or by the learners themselves if they are 16 or over. Learners will not be able to take their exam until we receive an appropriately signed copy of the agreement. 

Reasonable adjustments 

You can apply for a reasonable adjustment by clicking this link, or if you are hosting in a private centre, you can use ExamTrack. ​​​​​​Applications should be made at least six weeks before the exam date. 

Reasonable adjustments application

Centre guide for remote online assessments