Meet the examiner: Liza Meggitt

06 December 2019

What did you do before becoming a LAMDA Examiner?
I come from a performance background and have also directed for theatre and choreographed for theatre, TV and large events.  

What do you do outside of LAMDA?
I travel the country trying to raise oracy standards in state schools. I train young actors, dancers and musical theatre students, and bake far too many cakes!

How long have you examined with LAMDA?
Two years

Why did you want to be a LAMDA Examiner?
Since I was four or five, when I used to see the examiners arriving and being given the aforementioned cakes at break time! The desire to examine always remained as I am passionate about the effects a LAMDA Exam can have on a learner’s confidence and communication skills, whatever their choice of career path. I took a look at my table from the learners’ perspective recently and the young wannabe examiner in me felt most excited… and honoured.

Where have you examined with LAMDA?
UK at the moment – from the north of Wales to the east of England.

What advice would you give leaners preparing for a LAMDA Exam?
Know that the adrenaline on the day will probably increase the pace of delivery, so anticipate this.

When I did my own Solo Stage 1 equivalent, I thought the whole event was a memory test and a race, so I appeared back in the waiting room almost as soon as I’d left, much to the bewilderment of my teacher and the invigilator. It was low pass but with an encouraging ‘’welcome to LAMDA‘’ comment from the equally bewildered examiner, it set me on the road to improvement!

What is your favourite Shakespearean poem, play or sonnet?
Macbeth, despite the best attempts of an uninspiring English teacher at school... Rediscovering it as an adult and being reminded that the Macbeths were THE couple, the pre-celebrity age couple who had it all and set fire to it with bad decisions… it’s an eternally relevant secular parable.

What is your favourite holiday destination?
Italy. All of it. Also, Cornwall. For the waves (usually soaked and shivering in August pretending that it’s summer).

What three books are on your bookshelf or TV shows are stored on your playlist?
A borrowed copy of Goodnight Rebel Girls from my niece and a French dictionary as an attempt to guilt me into relearning the language. Otherwise it’s a somewhat predictable mix of texts for performance… plays, poems, sonnets and too much Shakespeare. For TV: Friends, Friends and more Friends.

What was the last photo you took?
One of my nieces leaping in the air, there used to be such an art to capturing action shots but with the phones it feels like cheating.

What three items would you take to a desert island?
Life is far too short for bad coffee, so if I could perhaps invent a solar powered coffee machine, a huge bag of coffee and a charming mug (with a lid on for the all-important health and safety reasons)!

What was your favourite moment of last year?
The snow, which transformed a quiet March birthday meal into a crazy, big pasta party at home as all the restaurants were closed and the shops were out of food – brilliant.