Introducing LAMDA Short Courses

09 January 2024

We’re thrilled to introduce our new-look portfolio of LAMDA Short Courses, packed with programmes, classes and ensembles designed to challenge, excite and refresh your skills.

Whether you’re just considering stepping into the world of acting or you’re a seasoned professional looking to brush up on your knowledge, immerse yourself in LAMDA's industry-leading training throughout 2024.

What are LAMDA Short Courses?

Did you know that the first and oldest short courses at LAMDA were our Shakespeare Summer Schools? Since then, our offering of short courses has expanded incrementally to include classes on audition techniques, acting in English, screen work and lots more, ensuring that our teaching remains cutting-edge in an ever-evolving industry.

Coming up in 2024

2024 marks a new and exciting chapter for LAMDA’s Short Courses, as we look to provide a more diverse, useful and interesting programme than ever before.

With our short courses, we’re aiming to:

  • Provide training in a variety of areas at different levels, whether you’re a complete beginner or a practicing professional.
  • Provide training in a range of formats – such as online, evening and weekend courses – to be more widely accessible.

Our new system helps you navigate our portfolio of short courses with ease, helping you to select the topic, level and format that best suits your needs.

We’re also pleased to be partnering with the Madrid Audiovisual Drama School (MADS), which will see our Auditioning in English short course offered in Madrid this summer.

Finding the perfect fit

Our short courses are now split into different levels (Beginner, Experienced, Professional), with three formats:

  1. Programmes: Long-form work encompassing four days or more. These are based around building an in-depth practice or process, often culminating in an informal showing of work created during the course.
  2. Classes: Evening or drop-in events. These focus on developing a specific skill in an intensive manner. Choose between Masterclasses (a one-off event with a specialist) or Intensives (up to three days of work on a specific skill).
  3. Ensembles: Experience a rehearsal process from start to finish. These are offered to different levels of experience, connecting you to like-minded people, and end with an informal showing. 

On each short course page, you’ll find more information to help you determine whether the course suits your interests and requirements at a glance:

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