LAMDA is top UK Drama School for student satisfaction

14 August 2023

We're delighted to see the results of the 2023 National Student Survey.

The 2023 National Student Survey involved 5 million Higher Education students from 400 participating Higher Education organisations including a strong representation of Drama Schools and Conservatoires.

Based on a new model for student satisfaction, LAMDA ranks top amongst UK Drama Schools. This is an incredible achievement for LAMDA, which saw 89% of undergraduate students share their feedback on their experience.

Particular highlights include scores of over 90% in positivity measures for: the engaging and stimulating teaching the students experienced, how prepared they felt for their future beyond LAMDA and the support and freedom for self expression.

LAMDA Principal and CEO, Mark O'Thomas, said, "Our relentless pursuit of excellence drives us to constantly innovate and create an amazing experience for our students. These results aren't just numbers; they're a vivid testament to our commitment, manifesting in real, meaningful student outcomes.”

To view the results, visit the Office for Students website.

*We analysed the overall positivity measure for all undergraduate courses at LAMDA outlined by the Office for Students and included all results of the questions and themes in the survey and compared these to the Drama schools and institutions represented by the Federation of Drama Schools [FDS] and Conservatoires UK [CUK].