LAMDA at Pride in London

18 July 2023

On Saturday 1st July, we were delighted to celebrate and support LGBTQIA+ people as part of the Pride in London parade for the first time. 36 staff and students from LAMDA joined 32,000 participants, representing over 600 community groups, charities, and businesses. ​​​

The parade started at Hyde Park Corner, travelled through Piccadilly Circus, down Haymarket and along Pall Mall to Trafalgar Square. The route was surrounded by supporters, who cheered as the LAMDA contingent marched past holding aloft a Pride banner and rainbow flags.

Shamrika Sydes, our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Manager, said “We are thrilled and proud that LAMDA’s staff and students were a part of vibrant celebration of diversity at Pride in London! It was a very successful day, and we thank all our dedicated staff and students for their support.” 

Outgoing Student President and graduating MFA Professional Actor, Joshua Ely, added It was an absolute joy to see LAMDA putting their big queer flag out there among all the other rainbows.”