LAMDA retains strong National Student Survey results

10 July 2024

LAMDA is delighted to announce that it has achieved exceptional results for student satisfaction in the 2024 National Student Survey.

The annual survey, conducted by the Office for Students [OfS], gathers anonymous feedback from students across the country on various aspects of their higher education, including quality of teaching, student support and the learning environment.  

LAMDA saw 95% of undergraduate students share their feedback, with the excellent results reflecting the school’s dedication to maintaining the highest standards of training and ensuring that every student feels supported, enriched and empowered.

Particular highlights include scores of more than 90% in positivity measures for quality of teaching, learning opportunities and academic support and more than 85% in positivity measures for learning resources and student wellbeing.

The results also place LAMDA ahead of its peers within Conservatoires UK [CUK] and OfS-registered drama schools within the Federation of Drama Schools [FDS].

"We are incredibly proud to see such strong results for a second year in a row," said LAMDA Principal and Chief Executive, Mark O’Thomas. "LAMDA is committed to providing an environment where every student can reach their full potential and this remarkable achievement is testament to that."

The news also complements The Hollywood Reporter's 2024 ranking of the top 25 drama schools in the world, which awarded LAMDA sixth place.

LAMDA extends its heartfelt thanks to its students, faculty, alumni and supporters for their dedication and hard work over the past year. We look forward to continuing the school's legacy of excellence and innovation.

To view the results, visit the Office for Students website.

*We calculated the overall positivity measure for all undergraduate courses at LAMDA from the data released by the Office for Students [OfS], taking an average across the results for every question in the survey and comparing these to the institution-level scores achieved at similar institutions. These are either in Conservatoires UK [CUK] or are other OfS-registered drama schools within the Federation of Drama Schools [FDS], or both.