Top 10 Reasons To Join LAMDA Connect (if you're an alumni)

19 April 2022

1. Keep Up To Date with LAMDA

Stay in the loop with everything going on at LAMDA, including the latest news, public performances and events.

2. Connect With Old Course Mates

Find out what your course mates are up to now and get back in touch with old friends from your LAMDA days.

3. Share Resources

The place to share insightful articles, professional opportunities and helpful information, or find out what you need to know from the LAMDA community.​

4. Collaborate With Fellow Creatives

Collaborations have to start somewhere! Connect with the right people, offering the right skills and build something great together.

5. Expand Your Network

Our alumni go on to successful careers doing a range of different things across the creative industries. Meet new people and expand your professional network.

6. Promote Your Projects

Working on a production? Running a class or workshop? Starring in a show? Promote your projects and events to a captive audience on our platform.

7. Tailor Your Experience

Build your profile around your interests, needs and relationship to LAMDA so you only see relevant content and posts.

8. Unlock Exclusives

The place to find discounted theatre tickets from our partner organisations and access online events and content exclusive to LAMDA Connect users.

9. Find A Mentor

Seek out the advice, insights and encouragement you need to take your career to the next level with support from an experienced LAMDA alumni.

10. Or Become One

Give back to the LAMDA community and support a recent graduate as they prepare to enter the industry through one-to-one mentoring sessions.

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